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You need to have orgasm


Your husband or boyfriend wants you to have an orgasm, trust me. Contrary to popular belief, most men aren’t into sex just for their own pleasure. Helping a woman orgasm can be arousing on its own and can make him feel like a super man.

Madam, abeg help him help you by communicating your wants… But as you become more comfortable around your partner, you should find it easier to enjoy sex more and more, and hopefully orgasm over and over.

Let him know when you do have an orgasm cos not every man can tell when a woman has an orgasm, so he may need a little reassurance that he did well. Trust me, he’ll light up with pride when you tell him.

Sisters, let’s encourage our men to do better in bed by complimenting or appreciating their efforts cos it’s not easy to be on top of a Woman oo…hw3! atopa buo is not an easy job koraa! These men are really trying…thrusting deep and deeper in a woman’s pussy, licking and sucking your breast for Minutes or Hours nu is a full time job and they deserve some accolades.

M for Medaase or Man United 😁😂

Your Only Virgin
Akosua Virgin. 😎

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Never sit on a man’s balls

My Ladies,

Shoa y3 mob) Ampa.. Abeg never in your life sit on a Man’s balls( testicles)… It is not a good practice at all.

Their balls are very sensitive like your tw3ba (clitoris) wati so treat it with care.

Some men like a little nibbling and some even like when you scratch their balls lightly, but you should be extra careful with his skin and make sure to get his feedback…You can manipulate his balls, but they’re still pretty sensitive.

Madam, just open your mouth wider to take a testicle into your mouth. Use your tongue to help guide it into place if you need to. Suck gently as you stroke him and run your tongue around his sac…U can also play or squeeze it gently with ur hands wif a little pressure but don’t go and damage somebody’s testicles…

If you’re tired of standing and need something to sit on it aa, pls go get some chair, don’t go and use somebody’s balls as a kitchen stool..Village girls.

Source:Virgin  Akosua

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Learn how to praise your lady

Dear Men,

When you’re making love to her and the pussy is silky wet, sweet, smells good and the friction nu is on point aa, pls don’t keep it to yourself…give that pussy some accolades.

Don’t be ungrateful, show some gratitude.

Learn to say thank you after a good sex.

Same way some of you complain when the pussy is bad nu.. Use that same energy to
compliment her when it tastes better like
vanilla ice cream.

Guys, when it comes to sex, one compliment can make the difference so tell her “Baby beautiful, I feel fulfilled anytime I make love to you”. Your pussy is the best thing that has happened to me OR you can say “Obaa, wo tw3 y3 m3d3 s3 communion wine…m3ba ha d3biaa ab3 di wo”. You see, every woman after hearing this will feel loved and appreciated.

Massa, tasty and good pussies are not easy to come by these days so When you chance on One na 3sh3 yie aa, proclaim it.

Thank you

Your Only Virgin

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Stop your useless noise in bed


There’s difference between moaning and shouting…you hear?

Shouting on top of your voice like somebody is killing you nu, is a turn off for some men.

Making excessive noise during sex is a crime and any policeman nearby can arrest you for that…so learn to lower ur voices kakra na some of you make dede dudu😒

Madam, I am not saying don’t scream or make sounds oo! ngyegye ho de3 ey3..You can Moan or hype your man’s Penis but please use your brain… don’t go and disturb other flatmates with unnecessary noise m’oati.😏

Thank you

Your Only Virgin

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For the past couple of years because of where i live at the moment and lack of my own means of transport, i hardly attend shows which eats into the early morning wee hours.

I had the invitation courtesy Sally Frimpong to attend the 3M music awards ceremony. I set out around 8pm to the Trade fair centre.

The atmosphere around the Fantasy Dome was enticing with cocktail from some beverage sponsors. The red carpet was well lit with our “celebrities” parading the corridors of the event grounds with their beautiful dresses and sometimes the overkill make ups.

The attendance was not bad looking at the big size of the auditorium. I was at VVIP section where we were served with small chops including pastries, khebab and water.

The sound especially whenever the live band was playing, was good from where i was sitting. Some performances were good especially Akwaboa and Adina, Kwesi Arthur and Mole,Medikal,the choreographers and some few others. Honoring Obuoba J A Adofo,Professor Kofi Abraham and Mark Okraku Mantey was good.

The stage design was so on point with lighting and LED screens to match.

The late start of the program killed the vim and euphoria that was to characterize the event. The MC’S too were boring initially with their long speeches coupled with Shatta Wale’s father boring speech as well.

Also allowing minors to perform after 12 midnight wasn’t the best for me. Was it child abuse? Coordination was absent at some point. There were too many music performance. Shatta also winning most awards at the night didn’t go down well with some people. That’s the beauty of award schemes. Some win and others lose.

The washroom had no attendants cleaning the place constantly. Lazy Ushers and the not paying tribute to fallen heroes in the music industry especially Professor JH Nketiah, Willi Roi and Nii Tei Ashitey of Wulomei who were buried on the day of the awards. Will come again on part 2 in terms of organizing, award recipients and the general overview.


Source:Fred Kyei Mensah (Facebook)

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1. RECONCILIATION SEX:- Sex is a most potent weapon for diluting and difusing misunderstanding in Marriage. If you don’t use SEX to settle some stubborn crisis, then you are missing out and not maximising it. In addition when you both settle a misunderstanding, the person at fault could initiate sex as a way to make up to the other who was on the receiving side of the conflict.

2. HEALING SEX:- There are some sicknesses and diseases that are cured by good Sex I mean very good Sex. Healing sex is gentle, it is full of grace and elegance. You don’t rush it. Mbanu. You do it softly and it hits the bull’s eye. Please Husbands, don’t throw your weight on her if it’s for healing, let the bed carry your weight 100%.

3. PUNISHMENT SEX:- When I counsel couples, are times I hear spouses say “Since he did that, I decided to punish him by depriving him of sex”, or “since she refused me, I decided not to touch her again”. That is as senseless as saying “since my child failed a Test, I punished him by withdrew him from school”. It’s foolishness. The wise thing to do is to give your spouse more sex as punishment rather than depriving him or her. When your husband or wife misbehaves, correct them using sex. That is the best punishment. Not slapping or fighting or public disgrace. Punishment sex is very hot. 😷

4. MEMORABLE SEX:- This is a very special kind of sex that you organise and plan for. Ever couple must be doing this once in a while. Honeymoons should be organised at least once is a quarter (once in 3 months). If you have means, do it once a month. You book a hotel for say 3-7 days and retreat to help build your marriage. A kind of Intimacy Retreat. You mustn’t go to hotel if you can’t afford it. Just send the kids somewhere and make it memorable. Light Candles around and on the blue or green bulb. Use good perfume and the Angels will bear you witness.

5. QUICK SURPRISED SEX:- This is a sex that married couples should do often to build their love life. One “Quickie” is stronger than 100 Love Charms from India or oshogbo. A Quickie is that very fast sex that a couple does in ODD places or in ODD position. Usually one spouse surprises the other with it. You don’t take formal permission quickies. You just start it just like that. MARRIAGES WITHOUT QUICKIES HAVE QUICK PROBLEMS AND BREAK QUICK. Spouses who don’t believe in surprise sex are analogue and expired. Quickies can be done in the car. Drive her to a corner and pretend as if the car didn’t start. It can take place on kitchen sink or at the balcony or inside swimming pool or in garden.

6. EXERCISE SEX:- This type should happen frequently especially in the mornings. God did it that the male organ wakes up in the morning erect to greet it’s Owner – the Wife. So as much as humanly possible, let every wife answer the morning greeting. God’s mercies are New Every Morning. Great is His Faithfulness. Mercy and Faithfulness are co-joined twins.

7. ENCOURAGEMENT SEX:- You use this type of Sex to encourage your Spouse to do something or Not to do something. There are times he wants to do something that you think is not the best of decision, just come in the most seductive way and delay him. When he is exhausted after you have drilled him, speak softly and he will say “I didn’t know that was what you were saying before, now I understand you”.

8. REWARD SEX:- This is the type that you reward your spouse for achieving something unique or for exceeding expectations. Reward Sex is not just one round but extended over a period of time. Reward Sex is an open check to do whatever he or she loves. It’s extra ordinary.

9. PROCREATION SEX:- This is sex you do purely for pregnancy. When you need child, the best style is the one that gives the husband maximum penetration. Support your wife with pillow is you aren’t a longman. But you must make sure it is as wet as wetness can be. Sperm needs wetness to swim inside the womb. When he releases he must remain inside there for a few minutes. Don’t pull fast. **

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Thursday Special

Dear Men,

Many of you treat us like angels in bed… As if we’re some kind of innocent children.And after that, you wonder why you struggle to please us in bed.

Listen to this, to satisfy a woman in bed, don’t just make love with her, but fuck her. You must be strong and act as a man… slow motion sex de3 no lie🙂

If you play it soft during the whole sexual intercourse, chances are that you’ll leave us disatisfied. Being sweet and lovely is nice, but it’s not what makes some of us really horny. It’s not enough to make us scream with pleasure.

Some of us want sex. We want wild and Charismatic sex. No matter what some people might claim.Don’t hesitate to treat her like a bitch.

Talk dirty, spank us, pull our hair, firmly grab our body parts, lick our asshole, suck our toe and so on…Try this and see how it’ll make her wet..It may seem kind of harsh, but that’s how it works for some women.

Of course you shouldn’t do it in a way that is going to hurt us, but simply be firm enough so that we can feel that you dominate us.

When you satisfy a girl in bed, she’s going to want to see you again…She’s going to want to be fucked by you again and again.

On the contrary, she won’t be interested in this guy who treats her like a little angel and who is afraid to act as a man and dominate her.

Abeg in all these, keep in mind that each woman is unique and that some situations are also unique…Some want Sex very slow and borkorrrr like Methodistfo) Hymn nu and others want the Obinim way… bugabuga! 😁😉

Some women will at some times want to be penetrated quickly without dwelling on foreplay…time no dey 3nti y3p3 fast😀Whereas other women or same women but in different situations will need more time before fucking.

Some of us reach orgasm more easily than others but for some, you’ll have to put more time into it…Obia NE ne taste wai!

It’s you’re job to adapt to your partner, know what works for her and meet her sexual needs the best you can coz we’re all different.

Thank you

Your Only Virgin