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Young Guy Impregnates 10 Ladies At A Go

In a hilarious report, a young guy has done the unthinkable by impregnating ten ladies at a go, as this has generated much controversy online.

We are really finding it very hard to comprehend how he did it.

He has been spotted with all the 10 ladies in a viral photo. The ladies were assembled with him standing right beside them with his head bent down in shame.

Well, since his head his bent down it suggests that he is really ashamed of the situation but hey who are we to judge him.

We just can’t think far….

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Names of married men to be publicised to reduce cheating in Tanzania

The Tanzanian government is set to receive a proposal that will see names of married men published in an effort to help curb cheating among couples and save young women from heartbreaks.

The idea was announced by Dar es Salaam regional commissioner, Paul Makonda, on Monday, August 12, who said the provincial top administration is mulling over the idea.

Taking to Twitter to make the announcement, Makonda said identities of married men will be published on a website run by a state agency.

According to the regional commissioner, the move will also stop deceitful married men from sexually preying on unsuspecting single women.

“I have received a lot of complaints from young women. Many women from Dar es Salaam region have been deceived many times, and they have had enough,” said Makonda.

“Men have been promising to marry them, then later, they [men] ditch the ladies and this is something that is humiliating,” he added.

Makonda noted the proposal was based on the constitutional laws using a clause that protects women who were promised marriages only to be used and dumped.

You’ll find a young man successfully wooing a woman, making her leave every other thing that she does, hoping that the man will marry her, not knowing that he is, indeed, conning her,” he said.

“I cannot say I am a leader, when the people I look after are hurting,” he added.

If adopted, all married people will be required to register their marital statuses with the region’s database agency.

Any woman who has been promised marriage can then access the database and find out whether the man who has promised to marry them is someone’s husbands or not.

In that database, all the marriages, including Christian, customary, Muslim, those filed at the registrar of marriages, will be registered.

“We are planning to meet the state agency in charge of the citizens’ database. Once that meeting is done, you, who lied to a woman that you will marry her, but ended up using and dumping her, be prepared, we are coming for you,” warned Makonda

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No man can bring a woman to orgasm if she doesn’t take responsibility for her sexual experience.

Dear Men,

Your job in the bedroom is to create an erotic context that’s comfortable, relaxed, and arousing enough so your woman can let herself go enough to climax.

See, a woman must take responsibility for her sexual encounter… No man can bring a woman to orgasm if she doesn’t take responsibility for her sexual experience. Even the best lover can’t know what she needs without her letting him know.

Massa, don’t go and kill yourself trying to give somebody’s daughter orgasm…You are not an orgasm giver. If she won’t “cumm” aa let her stay there.

And to the Men who brag about giving women multiple orgasm nu, stop! You didn’t give anybody orgasm, you only created the path and she followed it and “came” by herself.

NT: That boneless meat hanging infront of you is Penis, not an orgasm machine.

Thank you

Your Only Virgin

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Ghanaian women explain why they cheat on their partners

A group of women on Twitter have revealed anonymously why they cheat on their partners.

A Twitter user with handle @zubaidah_x did a poll where she wanted to find out from the ladies if they were cheating on their partners.

40% of the women said no, 11% said yes with someone known to their partners, 13% said yes but unknown to their partners whiles 32% said nosy boys.

From the responses, one could clearly understand that most of these ladies even though claim love their partners clearly enjoy cheating on them.

Read their responses below: | Accra Food Guide@zubaidah_x

I’m bored, let’s talk.

Baby girls, are any of you cheating on your partner?

11%Yes – someone he knows
13%Yes – someone unknown
32%Nosy boys
983 people are talking about this


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Atopa video of Amasaman SHS form 1 girl goes viral

A video of an SHS form 1 girl in Amasaman Senior High school in Pokuase and yet to be identified boyfriend chopping each other down like nobody’s business.

What is surprising is that they allowed themselves to be recorded by a third party who was also commenting on how they should position themselves while enjoying their sekz excapades.

The woman in the video is calmly lying down whilst the man is giving her some sweet banging.
Atopa video gone bad

Our site policy does not permit us to post the videos.

But you can go to the link below to see for your self.

Amasaman SHS form 1 girl sex tape goes viral (video)

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Ways to expel Wall Gecko and Cockroaches from your rooms.


To expel this dangerous creature from your homes (Tsaka in Hausa , wall gecko in English , omo onile in Yoruba and awu uno in Igbo).

Simply mix SALT and BLENDED GALIC and pour at all corners of the room , by God’s grace it will leave your homes forever.

May God protect us from its dangerous action.



Cockroaches are disgusting insects or better said pests that thrive in houses, particularly in dark and warm places. These pests carry dangerous diseases.

There are many different ways in which you can get rid of the cockroaches, but most of the products specially created to destroy these pests are loaded with poisonous chemicals. These chemicals are dangerous for your and the health of your children, as well.

Below is presented a natural mixture that is completely harmless for your family and pets, but is extremely efficient and will kill the cockroaches instantly.

All you need is: 1 onion and 1 teaspoon of baking soda.

Preparation: first chop the onion and then add the baking soda. Place the resulted mixture in the corners of your house, in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

Very soon you will notice dead cockroaches on these places. Repeat this process every day and you will get rid of these disgusting pests – forever!


Baking soda is different from baking powder

Can a cockroach hurt you?

While they do not bite or sting they do feed and live in areas that harbor dangerous bacteria, such as bathrooms, drains, and dumpsters.

The American cockroach (like other roaches) carries the bacteria on their body and can contaminate food as well as areas where food is prepared.

For more info you can whatsapp

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*Report Your Husbands to Police if They👎 Refuse to Eat Your Food – DOVVSU to Wives*

Wives have been advised to report husbands who refuse to eat prepared for them to the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) of the Ghana Police Service.

According to officials of DOVVSU, such a conduct amounts to emotional abuse punishable under the Domestic Violence Act 732 of 2007.

The Central Regional Coordinator of the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU), Mr George Appiah-Sakyi at a meeting with leaders of churches in the Cape Coast Metropolis on terrorism and other security issues said “if your husbands refuse to eat your food and make you unhappy and causes you emotional pain, you can also report them to the police. If your husband comes home late and causes you to be unhappy you can make a case at DOVSSU”

He also stated that women who refuse to give sex to their husbands should equally be reported.

“If your wife wears jeans to sleep and causing you emotional abuse it’s an offence and you can report her to DOVVSU,” he stated.