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Ban Patapaa’s ‘One Corner’ Song – Maame Dokono

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Veteran actress, Grace Omaboe, known in showbiz as Maame Dokono, has joined the trail of persons condemning the ‘One Corner’ dance craze that grabbed national attention.

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According to her, the song is destroying Ghanaian youth and some adults and has for that matter, increased promiscuity among the youth of the country.

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“One corner is a bad song and a bad influence on the youth. I think it should be banned because it’s not a good song, it’s backed by spiritual things,” she said on UTV.

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The ‘One Corner’ song which comes with its dance, became popular after it was performed at Agona Swedru Akwambo Festival.

In the dance, one is seen gyrating in gutters, under parked cars and corners of building blocks.

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The dance of the song has received a lot of flak from people including gospel artiste, Sonnie Badu and Kwasi Kyei Darkwah.

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But Maame Dokono believes the lyrics in the song are not good enough for public consumption and the dance associated with it is equally not in tune with Ghanaian culture.

She indicated that there is the need to ban the song before it destroys the country.

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Footballer Afriyie Acquah In Baby Mamas Trouble…

A few weeks ago, it was widely reported online that, Jessica Lebene, the Germany based Ghanaian woman who is credited with leaking Amanda Acquah’s s*x tape that showed the then wife of Afriyie inserting a deodorant into her coochie—has given birth to a baby, for the Ghanaian footballer-Afriyie Acquah.

Tales have it that, Jessica Lebene effortlessly fully won the heart of Afriyie Acquah after Amanda was heard calling the footballer a monkey, obviously because of his looks, in a leaked tape.

Following Lebene’s baby with Afriyie Acquah reports, has been told that Afriyie Acquah has another baby called Adele, born in Italy to an Italian, Rosa Torres Indhira Maria.

We’ve not just been told, we’ve actually obtained official copies of the birth certificate of the baby, Rosa Torres Adele—and photos of Afriyie Acquah holding and feeding the baby.

A source close to the mother in Milan told our interpreter, “Afriyie Acquah told Indhira Maria that she was his only woman and wanted them to keep their relationship under the radar because of the sort of destruction the eyes of the public may cause to their relationship.”

“It’s now obvious Afriyie Acquah did this because he was chopping down another girl, Lebene, in Germany—with whom he is said to now also have a child with,” the source added. has been told that, when the Italian baby mama read of Lebene’s connection and baby with Afriyie Acquah online and confronted the footballer, he denied everything—saying, Ghanaian media lies a lot and that he does not have any child with any woman called Jessica Lebene in Germany.

Adele was born in July 2017 which places her birth before Lebene’s child and yet, Afriyie managed to keep it away from the media—perhaps, he didn’t want Jessica Lebene who was pregnant at the time to get a wind of it.

Aside the Baby Mamas drama Afriyie Acquah is excitedly cooking, we’ve been told the Italian Baby Mama says Afriyie Acquah is a cheating liar she cannot trust anymore—and she is, therefore, dragging his Ghanaian butt to court, over financial responsibilities towards her and baby Adele.

And that will surely cost Afriye a lot in Child Support payments—which he will have to pay for a long time until the child reaches about 18 years.
When GhanaCelebrities.Com contacted Afriyie Acquah for comments over his hovering Baby Mamas troubles and lawsuit, he bailed out on us—asking us to name our source first.

Interestingly, both Lebene and Indhira Maria are hot catches, all brewing in Afriyie Acquah’s footballer cash pot—that’s not even that deep.

We are told Indhira Maria’s father is an Economist based in Milan.

When you hear that Afriyie Acquah has been cleaned up–don’t look far for where all his football money must have disappeared to, because two hot Europe based Instagram chicks and their babies do not come cheap, especially when the courts get involved.


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Stonbwoy’s Wife Discharged From Hospital

Wife of Dancehall act Stonebwoy, Dr. Louisa Ansong who was hospitalized after sustaining an injury as result of an alleged knife attack, has been discharged from the hospital.

A management member of the “Baafira” hit maker tells that Louisa was rushed to hospital on Saturday night September 30, after she felt a sharp cut at her back and started bleeding inside a tent meant for her and her husband.

Thankfully, she was discharged from the hospital yesterday, Sunday October 1 and she is currently recovering in the comfort of her home.

“She has been discharged and currently recovering at home. She is very well and thank God everything is fine now”, the source told

Stonebwoy’s management also dismissed rumors that Dancehall artiste Shattawale who was there to support Stonebwoy, could have a hand in the attack.

Management insists that, Ghanaians should stop drawing conclusions and making false judgments when things happen coincidentally making it clear that Shattawele doesn’t have any associations with the said incident.

“This has nothing to do with Shatta Wale or his presence there. He genuinely came to support his brother and let me state that the incident happened over an hour before Shatta Wale come to the event”.

Both management and family of Stonebwoy have been with Stonebwoy’s and his wife ensuring that everything is fine with her.

Mrs. Satekla had a cut at her back when some criminals cut Stonebwoy’s tent with knife. It happened just when Stonebwoy was about to mount the stage at his own “Ashiaman to the world” concert and she was hurriedly rushed to the hospital. Stonebwoy who was able to entertain thousands of his fans, in spite of the bad news, rushed to see his wife immediately after his memorable performance.

The concert happened on Saturday 30th September in Ashiaman with a huge crowd of bhimnation fans, cheering and dancing to all performances from all artistes who performed on the night.

Stonebwoy confirmed the incident on his Instagram page immediately after the concert saying it was an attack targeted at him ”attack targeted on me but mistakenly chanced on my wife but I still delivered for my people. #iwillfindem”.

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Kennedy Agyapong who appears unstoppable in his recent attacks at some members of his own party, has vowed to bring down the New Patriotic Party (NPP), before he is disgraced.

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“If you are not careful with people who helped you or us to come to power and give them this reward…… there is this boy called Siriboe whose father is a council of state member. How much did his father pay? You are there undermining him….NPP boy. I mean those NPP people who have vowed to collapse my business saying they will bring me down…If they joke the things I will say In Ghana……the way we won the elections. We did not win the elections on fair grounds. I am warning them for the last time. If they say they will bring me down, I will be the first to bring the NPP down before I am disgraced”, he revealed on Oman Fm, his own radio station.

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According to him, he is among those who want the betterment of the party for fear that when the NDC returns to power it will spell his doom.

“Those of us who have shown our faces and ready to die for the party, if care is not taken and the NDC returns to power we are finished”, he disclosed.

This is not the first time Mr Kennedy Agyapong is raising concerns about what the NDC might subject him to should luck smile on the party in 2020.

Last month, he revealed that jailing him is among three options the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) is weighing in the event it wins back power 2020.

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“My life is on the line. Why is that when Ibrahim Mahama commits a crime I should speak about it but when my own party member commits same I should be quiet”, he asked.

Commenting on recent developments in the NPP with some bigwigs scheming to bring him down with planned meetings at Alisa Hotel in Accra, he said he will not sit down while persons who did little to improve the fortunes of the party bring the current administration under Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo down.

“God has blessed me and they will all be disgraced. Whatever they are doing will fall flat because I am fighting a just course. Na true I go talk”, he explained.

“I will correct all wrongs in NPP because should NDC come into power now, they will either kill me, collapse my business or find a flimsy charge against me to be jailed”, he alleged.

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Name: Wiseman-USA
@Joey: I agree with your contribution 100%, especially the portion that says; ” There is no way you can bring NPP down YOU SIMPLY CANNOT DO IT “. This is fact as experience has shown over the course of the party’s political history.At this point of the NPP’s young administration vis-a-vis the current socio-economic and political status as bequeathed to us by the NDC government, we don’t need tough blanket talks like this. We need constructive cautions, persistent honest behind the scene talks, patience and efficient investigative systems to arrive at best conclusions.
Name: gh people
nana addo must give ghana people food , job and monies . ghana people are starving, for the past 6 months now about 99% of ghana people are poor, mahama and his ministers have looted every cedis from ghana, nana must collect the monies or ghana people and workers will collect their monies, from gh people
Name: mills
This man talk too much as if he is the only one who is rich in Ghana.You are too much, it will be wise to leave the npp party in peace

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Name: JGEE


Name: Joey
Mr Agyepong I am still a fan of yours. I however think you talk too much.What do you mean by we did not win the elections fairly? I strongly disagree with you. It is the NDC that was not allowed to cheat as they do always. You should have seen the mood of the people who went out to vote and you would know they were determined to get rid of this worthless Mahama thing.Trust me there is no way you can bring NPP down YOU SIMPLY CANNOT DO IT.What!If you haven’t received a contract yet you need to be patient. Are you saying all your efforts are just to get contracts Then how different are you from the hyenas in the NDC?Please stop this You are beginning to bore some of us.Remember someone lost an eye fighting for the NPP.Pipe down .You talk far too much.


Name: nhyiraba k. ofoz like ruby mahama will insult ken. if da rocha etc sacrificed, what is ken doing?, you ruby might have not even seen a dollar before and look, if this man will at the expense of his life, family, business etc go down for the party to rid, is this his reward., that sereboah whose father is the council of state chairman is warned, am disappointed the very chiefs against NPP coming to power are the very been appointed by nana., well, ken is not seeking for appointment, contracts etc but he is been frank with us all, look the wolves(NDC)are stick among us and the early we shine our eyes the better. what i hate is those errand boys and girls like you ruby mahama who enjoy from the booty of appointees are hailing threm., is it not sad that npp women are still idle and ndc women still at school feeding?, look untill there is justice even at the supreme court , we should think of impartia means., look did they not sack our women and sir john won the case at the kumasi high court , were they reinstated, so nans is so democratic that our women, young guys around should stay home for ndc guys to work,. tell nana by August if he plays that… over there, he will get the shock from us his own party people, we are tired of wait wait wait, its time from polling station executives to national executives each get something, political party is not a religion, sacrifice to be rewarded, at least gather the party guys for the isreal trip yet is open and the same ndc with money now will pay and go., tell him i am saying he must be warn, we love him but his GABBY, ASANTE BEDIATUO & SECURITY TEAM are weakening him, the grass root is not supporting him again if he doesnt know., lret someone must a survey to justify that. the very wicked people in the party like kan dapaa, owusu adomey etc are getting appointments while sam pagne a whole stronge hold secretary hasnt been appointed even to a board, so ADAMS dead a ***barred word*** death, if by august we see no change, i wish hon. ken agyapong fly to the Us and leave these ungrateful beings, even kofi kumah, kokofu etc are still not appointed WHY?
Kennedy Agyepong you are too much and the talking is too much. The bitterness in you doesn’t make you a patriotic citizen a patriotic citizen doesn’t ask for what the country can do for him,you are behaving like give and take because you helped the party you want the party to pay you back with huge contracts,you want to dictate to everyone even including the president to do what you say or you threaten with I will pull everyone down and is that how to be in a party or society? Your good works must be appreciated by all at all cost? My friend, NPP didn’t come into Ghana’s politics just yesterday? Some people sacrificed their lives and businesses because of the NPP eg B.A Mensah, Appenteng Mensah, Mr Addison, Appiah Menkah,Dr Sarfo Adu etc a whole lot of people and even the have not who were killed by ndc hoodlums all because of NPP, look at how the youth sacrificed their lives to get this party into office and you don’t think of them but your business? How old is this party in government t for you to be shuttling from asempa to your own Oman talking talking like you are the only person who sacrificed for the party? There are so many silent ones who have kept quiet for the government to be on its toes why Kennedy Agyepong,why do you think you have to bring down something you weren’t part of those who formed it? Membership of a party is by choice not force and I don’t think somebody made that choice for you so why the talking it’s too much oooo ton! Know that you can’t dictate to the party because the party is bigger than you and even not the president can do that. You are somebody I’ve vowed if even I’m dying I will never demand from you because it’s not worth it. The talking is too much, I was once your fan but not now because I can’t take the talking any more. You’ve been voted to represent your people in parliament but I don’t hear you talking there but always at asempa fm, don’t you have anywhere in parliament to express your grievance than to come on air? You are losing most of your fans to be honest with you and you making a ridicule of yourself to your enemies in both the NPP and the ndc. I don’t know if you need help because I can’t understand your actions ,you are too extreme.

Image result for pictures of ken agyapong

Name: Koliko
pls do.we can longer bear this corrupt and sub-standard government
Name: Rapacha-NYC
Honorable Ken, some of us used to love you but we are beginning to get tired of your verbal outburst.I want to tell you here and now that it is almighty Allah who brought NPP to power not any individual. Not even the president or his vice brought the party to power but Allah. We understand that you contributed towards the victory but remember you are not the only one who sacrifice for the victory. Remember someone lost his eye through the struggle to this victory. In fact, you need to tone down because you talk too much. No individual is bigger than the NPP party and that includes you and any other person like you. Honorable Ken, I put it to you that you can never bring NPP down. Remember, the party is bigger than any individual and that includes you. You help the party to victory and so all contracts should be given to you? This is not NDC party where there is no rule and law.I am expecting the party hierarchy to call you to order because it is too much already. Try to tone down or you will face sanction as any other party member. NPP promised to improved the living standard of Ghanaians and that is what we are praying to Allah to grant the president good health and wisdom to fulfill his promise to Ghanaians. Again, you cannot bring NPP down.Anyway,you still remain my hero but truth must be told no matter how bitter it is.
Name: A concerned citizen
You have only one vote to vote and how are you just a single person going to do that? Please, i will advise you to stop that bitterness which is not good for your health. If you feel you have a genuine case go to court with your evidence or keep quiet.
Name: Francis
I dare you Ken to bring the NPP down. I am so annoyed with your childish utterances. I am not a card bearing member of the elephant fraternity but trust you ken I will never vote NDC. There is nothing the likes of you will do change some of us.You talk too much and I believe the best party for you is the NDC.
Name: Doctor “Tee”
Somebody whom Kennedy respect should call him and advise him for me.An elder of a society should behave like the “Cat and not the dog” Please Ken if you know of anything that is wrong, the way you say it and where you say it all matters. I know if you tell President Nana Addo about anything wrong and it is ceditle he will take action. True is some of us are getting disappointed. Please do not get me wrong Ken, I don’t support corruption in any way and form a bit but the way and where you talk about it matters.We beg you be decorum in what and how you say things.You have told the whole world that your party did not win the election and this is very serious so ken a beg you
Name: kpodo
IF ONE MAN CAN REALLY BRING A RULING PARTY DOWN JUST LIKE THAT THEN THAT PARTY IS NOT WORTH FOLLOWING.PLS PLS MY npp ppl wat at all is this man doing to our party which was voted for massively and has a majority in parliament.cant we do away with this man ???? infact anytime this man speaks I just don’t feel comfortable as an elephant member.
Name: @ducan
you seè how ***barred word*** u are? hat make you think that npp’s more ghanaian to ndc. the man is confession how you people stole the 2016 election and you art here talking about shiiiiit. wo ye ***barred word*** paaa waiti
Name: Duncan
Honourable Ken I really appreciate all the effort you have made in the past for your party. I really think you need to tone down a bit on the way you talk on radio and tv.The people of Ghana will never forgive you if somehow you help the NDC to make a comeback in 2020. It is unthinkable that these people should come back .If you have grievances I’m sure there are sane ,reasonable people in the party who would listen to you.The strident constant talk on radio is not helpful at all. I totally disagree that the NPP did not win the last election. Ghanaians must be really s-t-upid to have gone and voted for John Mahama. They are the ones who were not allowed to cheat.I think you talk too much and you seem to be constantly on short fuse The NDC will take advantage of that and trust me this bit about NPP not winning the election will be their mantra for the next weeks on every radio station. If you in any way help the NDC come back trust me the NDC will not be your only enemies.
Name: Npp konkonsa
of the joel the things i will day in ghana!!! thé way we won the eleccions. se didn’t win the elections on the fair grounds. am warning them for the last time. if they say they will bring me down, i will bé the first to bring the down. these are kens own words. this means that idioooooot càlling himself as president stole 2016 election. Akuffo addo is evil man. if they are nen enough they should dare ken!!!!!




Former HIV/AIDS Ambassador Joyce Dzidzor Banned From Going To The UK

Joyce Dzidzor Mensah, is a Ghanaian citizen many Ghanaians believed was HIV positive and identified for 5 years as an official HIV/AIDS Ambassador for Ghana AIDS Commission.

Five years later, she came public to say her HIV status was a sham – thus, she never contracted the deadly disease. Explaining herself, she said she did what she did to help the AIDS Commission create awareness for the dreaded HIV/AIDS virus – plus she was treated as Ishmael by family and friends.

Image result for Joyce Dzidzor Mensah

She later changed her story and indicated that she was HIV positive but had been cured. She went into hibernation only to resurface with another story cynics may consider cock and bull.

Resorting to her official Facebook wall, she shared how a man she was married to, died recently and how the UK Embassy, has banned her from entering UK.

Related image

Read her post below (unedited):

My story. My story never ends. O yes it will not end until my last breath…. I met a man at age 19 and got pregnant for him. He allegedly died of AIDS in 2007. He died when I was still pregnant. After giving birth I was thrown out of the house by my neighbors because I was tagged with AIDS.

I was on the street, no food, no money. I then started to talk about AIDS and premarital sex from the street to the churches until the Ghana AIDS commission officially made me an ambassador to educate people on AIDS. O.I.C.I also gave me enough training on public speaking and HIV education.

Image result for Joyce Dzidzor Mensah

The AIDS commission letter terminated my appointment after using me for videos advert and Billboard only because I sung during an interview on gtv. They left me without paying me for my work. My son started suffering of stigma due to my program with the AIDS commission and so I denied every story I ever shared just to protect my him.

The man I got married to in 2010 only wanted an opportunity to travel outside Ghana and so when the opportunity came, he grabbed it through me, saying goodbye to Ghana and now he lives in London. Because of him, I’ve been banned from traveling to UK.

Our marriage ended with a baby girl. I met Edmund Akaniru in 2015 when I was working on my series. He worked for me as a camera man and we started going out. I told him I had two kids and I was 27. He said he loves kids and he was also 27.

I asked him if he wasn’t bothered about my HIV issues in the media and he replied “no I don’t care” he moved in with me and also shared his story with me. One day he came home with huge sums of money but went back with the money and returned empty handed.

Image result for Joyce Dzidzor Mensah

He never told me where he got that money from. Few months later he told me he was a fraud boy and he used to do hacking. He explained to me how he and his friends hacked into MTN mobile money account and made so much money he later said the police was then after him and that was why he moved in with me.

One of his friends was arrested and his family paid fifty thousand Cedis to MTN out of the money they spent on alcohol, Drugs and women. He said he had changed and was never going to do internet fraud anymore. He said his father was a Nigerian and mother was half Ghanaian half German. But I later found out it was not true, both parents were Nigerians.

Image result for Joyce Dzidzor Mensah

I had gotten pregnant for him and had a baby boy in 2016. After some time, truth about Eddie started to unveil. Eddie was 21 year as at the time I met him and not 27. I got angry with him and said to him I don’t want any small boy. He said age was just a number.

Later in 2016 Edmund started keeping late and sometimes returned home following day, there was physical and emotional abuse because I couldn’t give him money when he asked. December 2016 he started falling sick and treatment at kaneshie polyclinic didn’t work so I took him to a different hospital.

Related image

No doctor was able to diagnose him since all the tests conducted showed he was medically ok but no blood in his body. His family later took him to Nigeria and since his mother was a doctor I hoped it would be much better. But unfortunately nothing was diagnosed in Nigeria unless very low or no blood in his body.

I kept checking on him and he was later taken to prayer camp where he told me his aunt was behind his strange sickness. Eddie also apologized to me for being the cause of all my downfall. But I forgave him. No matter what, I still loved him. But sadly, I received a call that Eddie had passed on on the 7th May 2017 and was burried on 8th may 2017.

Image result for Joyce Dzidzor Mensah

Yes. Once again Joyce Dzidzor has lost a man. Eddie died at 24 and I just turned 30. the story of the general public as usual, name calling and accusing fingers pointing at Joyce. But what can I say?? Sorrows last for the night but joy surely comes in the morning. My story continues……?….

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It’s senseless to watch Kumkum Bhagya at the expense of Kumawood movies – Opambour

Rev. Dr. Ebenezer Adarkwah Yiadom popularly known as Prophet 1 or better still Opambour has fire shots at Ghanaians concerning their attitude to the distaste of made-in-Ghana products, goods and services.

The founder and leader of Ebenezer Miracle Worship Centre was on Sunday (7th May, 2017) live on Prophet 1 television shared his sentiments on pertinent issues that are killing the progress of Ghana when he was interviewed by Osofo Chief.

Image may contain: 1 person

The self-acclaimed nation prophet was pissed-off concerning why miracles performed by Ghanaian men of God are attributed to evil sources. However, when European prophets perform the same miracle, it becomes an unprecedented achievement to Ghanaians.

To him, he can’t figure out a single miracle he has not performed since he started his pastoral ministry. But Ghanaians have pretended as if they’ve not heard or seen the wonderful things he is doing.

When asked about his view on the rampant telenovelas that are circulating on our major television stations, he lamented and described the influx of soap opera as unfortunate.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and beard

According to the nation Prophet, the so called Kumkum Bhagya is causing a lot of problems in marriages. Simply put, majority of Ghanaian women who are addicted to Kumkum Bhagya will finish watching the segment before they’ll prepare food for their husbands or give them the needed attention and care.

He opined that, the influx of telenovelas are killing our movie industry especially Kumawood. To him, we have finest movie actors and actresses in Kumasi who are willing to produce movies to portray our rich cultural heritage.

No automatic alt text available.

Sadly, after incurring huge cost to shoot movies, Ghanaians have decided not to buy them but rather telenovela with archaic story lines. He added that there’s a serious devil at work among Ghanaians for embracing everything white as good.

Prophet 1 humorously concluded that, our people have developed a serious distaste to local goods to the extent that our men no longer loves Ghanaian ladies but Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeria, China and the likes. Maybe, he was making references to Elikem Kumordzie and Chris Attoh who are married to Zimbabwean and Nigerian ladies respectively.


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Tonto Dikeh Cries Profusely During Interview… Says Husband Is Still Sleeping With Rosey Meurer (VIDEO)

In an exclusive interview with media personality, Azuka Ogujiuba, actress Tonto Dikeh wept as she spoke about her failed marriage to her estranged husband, Oladunni Churchill. According to Tonto, she does not regret her marriage and didn’t grant the interview to discredit her ex-husband. She stated that she indeed suffered domestic violence while she was with Churchill.

“The domestic violence is real. How I lived to suffer it and go through it over and over again, I do not understand. Alot of people have blamed me. A lot of people have said a lot of things. I stayed back in my marriage, not because of my child, but because I loved my husband with all of my heart. I stayed because he begged me to stay a couple of times. I stayed because I just didn’t want to give up. I didn’t want to give up on the marriage just like that.” Watch the video after the cut…

She shared photos and even a video of herself after she was physically abused by her ex husband. Tonto says sometime ago when they were in Ghana, she had to run to the Nigerian Embassy after he had physically abused her

“I also have pictures in Ghana. The Nigerian embassy in Ghana has pictures of me. I had to run to them at some point. The reason I can’t release those pictures is because I was stark naked. My husband has humilated me so much and for anybody to tell me I am lying against my husband, that even hurts me more”.

Tonto says if she had her way, she would love to delete everything about herself on the internet because of her child

“If I had my way, I would like to delete everything. I would like to delete my whole existence because of my child because I know that the internet never dies. He is going to grow up, he is going to read them and it is going to hurt him@.

The mother of one says associating her with drugs is the most hurtful misconception people have of her.

“Something that has really hurt me in recent times is someone associating me with drugs as a mother. That hurt me so much because nobody sees how good of a mother I am. Nobody knows the sacrifices I have made for my son. I do a drug test almost every month. I write a letter to my son every month on his birthday about how much he has changed my life, how much he has made me a better person, about how I have stopped so many things for him. That really destroyed me. That really broke me into a million pieces. That is the worst thing I have heard”.

Tonto says she is aware that her ex-husband PA, Rosey Meurer is sleeping with him

“I am aware of her. I am aware she is sleeping with my husband. I am aware my husband is taking care of her. I am also aware that she is the reason why my husband abandoned his son with me for close to two months just before the big foundation thing we did in December because he took her on a trip. No she is not my husband’s sister. My husband is not her brother. She doesn’t know me. I have never spoken to my husband about her before but I do know their story and I do know that they are in love. It is not just a mere relationship. I have picrtures of them being on a trip abroad together, that is something my husband has never done for me or his family. Where that hurts me more was that I watched my husband make every single dime that he owns. I know the sacrifices that I have made for my family. All I expect was for him to be good to his family. Women are not the porblem I have with husband”she said

She denied allegations that she physically assaulted her mother in-law.

Watch the interview below.