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9 Surprising Ways You Had No Idea You Could Get Pregnant


Technically it’s possible to get pregnant without having sex, even if you’re a virgin.

If you’re not planning on having a baby any time soon, it’s important to know what kind of sexual behaviour might put you at risk of getting knocked up. Basically, it’s possible to get pregnant if semen comes into contact with your vagina at any point.

Here we debunk a few common conception myths:

1. Opening a condom with your teeth 

In the heat of the moment, rushing and using your teeth to get the dang thing open is a no-no. You can accidentally puncture the condom without realizing it.


2. Dry humping with your underwear on 

Although rare, it is possible if the man’s semen leaks through the opening of his boxers or the woman’s underwear gets pushed to the side, allowing an opening for the sperm to reach the vagina.

3. You CAN get pregnant when you are already pregnant

This is strange (and uncommon) phenomenon is called superfetation. It occurs when you’re already pregnant and continue ovulating. The second fertilized egg implants in the lining of the womb, resulting in a second pregnancy.



4. Using oil based lubes with condoms 

Oil-based lubes and condoms don’t mix. While many lubricants are completely safe to use with condoms, oil-based lubricants, like petroleum jelly, are not. These types of lubes can degrade the latex and create microscopic holes in the condom, increasing your chances of getting knocked up.



5. Fooling around in the tub without even having sex 

You can get pregnant in the pool or bathtub, even without putting the tip in! Anytime you end up with semen or seminal fluid around the vulva, you can get guys up inside there. It’s not super likely, but it’s also not impossible.



6. Even if you take the pill regularly, you can still get pregnant 

While it significantly decreases your chances of getting pregnant (over 99% in fact), it still isn’t 100% effective – even if you never miss a pill. Any contraceptive has a small failure rate associated with it.



7. Having sex while menstruating 

It’s extremely unlikely to get pregnant during your period, since the hormonal environment isn’t suitable, and Aunt Flow is kind of a mood killer. But extremely unlikely isn’t impossible. Some women have conceived from having unprotected sex on their period, especially if it occurred near the end of their cycle.

Images: Live ofofo


8. You’ve had the same condom hanging out in your wallet forever.

Using a condom that hasn’t been properly stored might get you into a situation worse than bad sex. Extreme heat or cold can damage the latex used in condoms, so the best spot for stashing them is a cool, dark, dry place like in your nightstand or a small, hard case



9. Letting him take the rear entrance

A woman can get pregnant during anal sex. How can this be? During intercourse the semen doesn’t always end up just in the rear. Even if he is penetrating rectally, he can be depositing a little seminal fluid around the opening to the vagina. Let’s face it, the vagina and the rectum are very close territory.



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My Girlfriend Donated Her Kidney To Save Me, But I’m No Longer In Love With Her Anymore, What Do I Do?

sad-black-wife (1)

The man shared his story showing just how he has been caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Below is what he wrote:

I am 32 years old and my girlfriend is 31 years old. We’ve been together for 5 years and now live together in a nice house.

Sometime ago, I had serious medical problems and she gave me one of her kidneys to save my life.

However, things have been slowly fizzling out and I’ve been feeling like we don’t belong together for a few months now. I feel like if I don’t make a decision soon we will be married and I will feel this way forever.


But on the other hand, getting a kidney transplant has changed my life for the better in so many ways. I feel like staying together is the right thing to do even if I’m not in love anymore.

I’ll never be able to pay her back. I’m so torn and conflicted and feel like I have to make an impossible choice.

If I stay with her, I’ll always feel trapped and in a loveless relationship. If I break up with her, I’ll forever feel like an evil person for dumping someone who literally put their life on the line for me.







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Photos: Nigerian Guy Exposes Whatsapp Conversation Of A Lady Who Asked Him To Pay Her ₦40k For Love Making



So, a Guy met this lady..Probably on social media..and they hit it off from there.

One thing led to another, and their conversation turned sexual! The lady and the guy conversed on how much the latter is ready to pay before they can both have se.x

The administration of President Muhammadu Buhari has witnessed a disturbing inflation rate of 16.5% according to the National Bureau of Statistics report for July, 2016 which has further impoverished the masses he was voted to give a glimpse of hope and survival.


Apparently, this inflation has also affected the “Olosho Market”. Lol



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“He promised to marry me and then did this”

From a female blog reader:

I met this guy last year though he stays abroad.He came back last year may and introduced me to his Family which I did same too.I really love him so much but the point here is ,he is too tepermental.He insults me whenever I annoy him like..thunder fire me,idiot,stupid etc which he apologizes afterwards.He promised to marry me this december once he returns.lately I noticed,he doesn’t call the way he calls.This is someone we talk at length every night 1 to 2hrs on call.I tried to find out why his sudden change and I got the higest insult of my life and hanged phone on me.There is this girl on Facebook that whenever I comment on his photo,I got reply from her hahahahah..I asked my guy whom she is and he insulted me again.Sometimes the girl comments on his photo too like cute boo,sweetie,I love you etc.I have a friend whom he likes so much and she is my bestfriend.I told her to stylishly ask my guy,if he still coming to pay my dowry December and the phone was on speaker out.I was shocked to hear his response that he doesn’t want to talk about marriage things now with her or else he blocks her on what’s app.My friend said ok since you ‘re not interested,please free this girl cos suitors ‘re coming.My boyfriend immediately sent what’s app chat that am free to marry another man.I called him immediately to find out the problem he drop the phone and switched off.The next day he called not even to apologise but he said he is just that will call back later so we can talk.He later called but I did not pick bcos I was so hurt and heartbroken.This incident happened a week ago since then he hasn’t called till date.I blocked him on my Facebook bcos he still comments looking good sweetie,beautiful love on the girl”a photos.Please I really love him so much and don’t know what to do

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19-year-old bride rocks 84 million naira wedding gown

Evka and Lukas tied the knots in Slovakia, Europe on 1st October 2016. The young Romani couple aged 19 and 20 respectively held a traditional Gypsy marriage after the church wedding where Evka wore a £175,000 dress .

During the traditional wedding, the bide had wads of cash pinned to her dress by guests who aslo throw gold and other valuables to her . The couple reportedly spent a total of £205,000 on the wedding.










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Does Gifty Osei Need Help?

The singer took to Instagram and posted a picture of herself, make-up free and looking quite unkempt, absolutely distraught. Her caption also showed she might be going through some personal troubles.

“Soo sad it hurts to know the people you love betrayed you.” she wrote.

Gifty doesn’t look too good. We wonder what’s going on with her??