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“Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah”
Greet the Holy messengers of God
“Hallelujah the Saviour cometh”
And for many years they still wait for Jesus
But they never lose hope
For they know Jesus will come
No matter how long it takes
So they wait in faith, not in vain

Oh yes, so we wait too
We wait for the sweet tongued custodians of our land too
Those we mandate to take us for fools
To control our pitiful lives
And to dip us in perpetual strife.
Different names and identities
But same different thieves

They promise heaven but since Jesus ain’t coming soon
They ask us to wait
For Rome wasn’t built in a day.
You see yourself as clever to decode their styles?
They see you as a hexed being that can’t escape their wiles
Selfish creatures
Evil preachers

Up they are, basking in haven glory
Down we are, languishing in abject penury
“Vote for me again”
They tell the beleaguered hungry soul
Implicitly they want to enjoy again
Inflict pain on you and achieve their goal

They bake us in oven,
Our thumbs seared, sobbing
But these thumbs still have nerve endings
These thumbs will step on that paper
These thumbs will wet the paper with their tears
Tearing, to choose another heartless thief.

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