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Ghanaian Woman’s Body Has Depreciated In Value…

How Ghanaian women have reduced womanhood to ‘nothing’

The good old days are long gone when womanhood was so revered and envied by virtue of how special God, the creator in his own wisdom crafted women and the indispensable role they exist to play in order to enhance the beauty of the world.

In those days I refer to, it was considered extremely abominable for a woman to expose certain parts of her body. Women dressed decently to conceal their body parts that are deemed provocative and have the potential to incite men sexually. That undeniably was why issues of rape and other sexual scandals were hardly heard of in those days.

However, now, in the name of civilization and globalization, decency and preservation of womanhood have been thrown to the dogs. The things that women wear in this generation make it difficult to figure out the difference between who is a genuine woman and a ‘professional’ prostitute.

As for their breasts and genitals, they have become integral part of the air we breathe and the sights we see every second; different sizes and shapes with specially rehearsed manner of movements to catch attention. You better shut up or you are branded as being out of touch with modern fashion.

These days, a women’s attire is sewn with the sole aim of ensuring that it makes their breasts pop up and out and the genitals well projected. What used to be scared and sought after, has now become almost a ‘useless’ commodity that is even being barter-traded for material things; sometimes with addendum.

What is even more sickening is the fact that, the Ghanaian woman’s naked body has so depreciated in value that, all it seems to be worth now is to be used to sell music videos. Music videos have become more erotic than pornography.

Naked succulent young women display sex positions and styles; gyrating their waists all in the name of dancing, while ironically, their male counterparts are rather dressed decently.

I hope I am not the only one noticing this trend; it seems either womanhood has lost its value completely or as a society, we have accepted nudism as a norm so much that musicians are left with no option but to produce pornography and sell to us as music.

If assuming the latter is true, why do men in music videos dress decently? Is it that their nakedness is not attractive enough to sell music? Why are women the only ones twisting and turning their waists and flaunting their intentionally projected breasts and genitals in a rehearsed erotic manner, while the men are decent?

This is not to incite the men to jump onto the bandwagon of nakedness.

The most sickening situation is the deafening silence of the older generation, clergy and traditional authorities. Some churches countenance some of these things and now some gospel musicians are also joining the fray. Some of their videos are not in any way different from the sexual displays we see in the circular ones.

Who is responsible for checking artistic works before they are allowed to be made public? Is there any regulation at all? If the white elephant called the Cinematography Board is the body responsible for ensuring sanity in the entertainment industry, then what are we waiting for to either dissolve and replace it with a more vibrant entity or strengthen and equip it sufficiently to proactively redeem our already perforated society before it is completely torn beyond repair?

I know this feature will make complete nonsense in some jurisdictions because of their culture. That is why I limited it to Ghana. No wonder in some of those countries whose way of life we are copying blindly, women have been advocating for freedom to walk in public bare-chested, just like their men counterparts.

Where are the Queen mothers of this land when their private parts are openly displayed as surplus commodity? If care is not taken we will continue to understand and accept nudism negligently until it becomes acceptable for Queen mothers to walk in public bare-chested in miniskirts or skimpy dresses.

I thought I learnt there are laws in this country that frown on indecent exposure, for which reason Eugine Ashie a.k.a Wisa is facing trial?


The future of our children and the next generations is really bleak, especially as the young ones are fast copying this madness we call modernisation. As for the family system and its breakdown, the least said about it the better.

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Stonbwoy’s Wife Discharged From Hospital

Wife of Dancehall act Stonebwoy, Dr. Louisa Ansong who was hospitalized after sustaining an injury as result of an alleged knife attack, has been discharged from the hospital.

A management member of the “Baafira” hit maker tells that Louisa was rushed to hospital on Saturday night September 30, after she felt a sharp cut at her back and started bleeding inside a tent meant for her and her husband.

Thankfully, she was discharged from the hospital yesterday, Sunday October 1 and she is currently recovering in the comfort of her home.

“She has been discharged and currently recovering at home. She is very well and thank God everything is fine now”, the source told

Stonebwoy’s management also dismissed rumors that Dancehall artiste Shattawale who was there to support Stonebwoy, could have a hand in the attack.

Management insists that, Ghanaians should stop drawing conclusions and making false judgments when things happen coincidentally making it clear that Shattawele doesn’t have any associations with the said incident.

“This has nothing to do with Shatta Wale or his presence there. He genuinely came to support his brother and let me state that the incident happened over an hour before Shatta Wale come to the event”.

Both management and family of Stonebwoy have been with Stonebwoy’s and his wife ensuring that everything is fine with her.

Mrs. Satekla had a cut at her back when some criminals cut Stonebwoy’s tent with knife. It happened just when Stonebwoy was about to mount the stage at his own “Ashiaman to the world” concert and she was hurriedly rushed to the hospital. Stonebwoy who was able to entertain thousands of his fans, in spite of the bad news, rushed to see his wife immediately after his memorable performance.

The concert happened on Saturday 30th September in Ashiaman with a huge crowd of bhimnation fans, cheering and dancing to all performances from all artistes who performed on the night.

Stonebwoy confirmed the incident on his Instagram page immediately after the concert saying it was an attack targeted at him ”attack targeted on me but mistakenly chanced on my wife but I still delivered for my people. #iwillfindem”.

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7 tips to being a memorable wedding MC

Being asked to serve as Master of Ceremonies for a friend or relative’s wedding is a huge honor. But there’s a lot of pressure that comes with the job too. Contrary to popular belief, you’re not up there to be the center of attention or to be the official wedding comedian. You’re the host of the event and it’s your job to keep the proceedings on time and to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves. I had the honor of serving as the MC at my sister’s wedding last weekend. It was the fourth time I’ve pulled MC duty over the past 20 years and I’ve learned some valuable lessons about this important role each time. If you’ve been tapped to serve as MC at an upcoming wedding, here are a few tips I hope you find helpful. This is by no means a definitive guide – just one guy’s lived experience about what works and what doesn’t:

1. Have a Plan

This isn’t ‘Open Mic Night’. Save the ad-libs for your improv class. Before the big day, you should have a very good idea of the order and flow of the evening, the proper pronunciation of important names and, to a very large extent, everything you’re going to say that night. That doesn’t mean you need to be 100% scripted. There will be those little spontaneous moments where you can inject an appropriate comment or a touch of humor or emotion. After all, that’s why the bride and groom selected you to be their MC – because you’re good in front of a crowd and can likely tell a good story. But a wedding is an emotionally-charged and time sensitive event and you need to have a plan.

If you can, sit down with the bride and groom a few days or weeks before the wedding and ask about their wishes and preferences. They’re likely to be distracted with a million other details, so keep your questions focused:

  • Who will be saying the prayer before the meal (if at all)?
  • Who will be speaking and is there a preferred order of speakers?
  • What’s the ‘tone’ they’d like to achieve for the reception?
  • What time do they want to have their first dance (you need to work backward from this time to ensure everyone sticks to the schedule)?
  • Are there any taboo subjects that you and the other speakers should avoid?


2. Go Easy on the Alcohol

Yes, it’s a party. Yes, it may be an open bar. But you have a job to do. The last thing you need is to botch your hosting duties because you had one too many. Keep the drinking to a minimum (like none) until your main duties are completed (when the first dances begin). Remember, Facebook is forever. And so is the wrath of an angry bride.

3. Meet the Vendors

Prior to the beginning of the reception, make a point of introducing yourself to key vendors, including the wedding planner, site manager, DJ, band, photographer, videographer, etc. A reception entails a number of interconnected and moving parts and everyone needs to know what’s coming next. That’s your job. A quick hand signal to the photographer or videographer that another speech is about to begin will help ensure they don’t miss a special moment. A heads-up to the DJ or band that the first dance will be starting in 10 minutes can help ensure the bass player isn’t in the bathroom when the bride and groom are standing in the middle of the dance floor. Confirming with the kitchen that the meal is ready to be served can prevent a long pause between the prayer before dinner and the serving of the first course. This is all on you. So make those connections in advance and stay in communication with these folks throughout the proceedings.


4. Test the Mic

Test out the mic and sound system before the wedding party is lined up to march in. For one wedding about a decade ago, I leaned toward the mic to introduce the wedding party and there was silence. It took 10 minutes for the technicians to get it working. Those were valuable minutes that were wasted and that was my fault for not checking in advance. Last week, I made a point of checking the mic in advance and discovered that there wasn’t one. This was about 20 minutes before the reception was set to begin. The videographer (who was helping me at that point) asked the manager for a mic, she located one, we plugged it into the band’s sound system and tested it out. Ready to rock. Mini-crisis averted.

5. Open Strong and Get Out of the Way

Your job is not to bring up rambling anecdotes throughout the evening and to tell a story or a joke before and after each speaker. To a large extent, your job is to keep things moving as quickly as possible. No one likes long wedding speeches. Be sure to have a strong opening. Be upbeat. Welcome everyone and thank them for attending. Recognize the out of town guests, maybe tell a quick story or two about the bride and/or groom and then get out of the way. Keep your introductions and segues quick and concise. Keep the evening rolling along. Otherwise, the dancing won’t begin until 11:00 p.m.


6. Approach Humor with Caution

Again, this isn’t about you and how funny you are. Funny moments at a wedding can be great but, often, those are introduced by the various speakers (parents, friends, siblings, etc.). A joke told in poor taste can create an awkward moment and bring the good times to a screeching halt. Approach humor carefully. Test out potential jokes on the bride or groom or another trusted friend in advance.

7. Think of Your Audience

The best way to ensure you’ll be remembered as a great MC is to focus on the audience. Are there a lot of out-of-town guests? If so, give them a special welcome or a few interesting facts about the city. Do the demographics of the audience give you any opportunities for a special moment? At the wedding I emceed last week, there was a sizable Slovak contingent. The day before the wedding, I asked someone to teach me how to say a few lines (welcoming everyone to the city and thanking them for helping us celebrate the wedding ) in their language. I had him speak it into a voice recorder on my iPad and I practiced it a lot. That one line, which I delivered in the first two minutes of my introduction, got a huge reaction from the crowd – the biggest of the night – and it got the evening off to a great start. Their reaction wasn’t because of my impeccable delivery or pronunciation (actually, I’m pretty sure I mangled the pronunciation). It was because I was thinking about the audience and made the extra effort to connect.

As the MC, your role is so important. Your performance can help make the evening run efficiently and it can help make the reception a special and memorable event for everyone in attendance, especially the bride and groom.


If you found this post useful, please hit ‘share’, ‘like’ or leave a comment, which will help other future wedding MCs to find it as well. Thanks!

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An open letter to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo

Dear Mr. President-Nana Addo 

 Congratulations on being elected to the highest position in our land, and indeed, the leader of our country–Every elected position is a great responsibility, and indeed, one that is always driven by a higher “invisible hand,” as stated in the book of Proverbs (21:1): The heart of a king is like a stream of water in the Divine hand, wherever He wishes, He will direct it.

Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.jpg

 But your election, Mr. Nana Addo , stands out in particular as unprecedented in history: You defied all the predictions and pollsters, you upended both the NDC and Other parties, you did not follow the “established” rules and guidelines for a political campaign, you exposed the media’s biases and inadequacies – you basically broke every norm. And yet you won a resounding victory, breaking the blue wall and turning over country that no one expected you to win.

 One can hardly find an equivalent event in the history of presidential elections that qualifies for a true “invisible hand” directing the electorate to upset the existing systems and infrastructures.

 One word stands out to describe this cataclysm: Disruption.

Mr. Addo, you tapped into the fibre of this country’s restlessness and eagerness for change; to change the existing political norms of the Johns and to bring this county back to its great legacy.


This is the reason for my writing to you today:Creative Arts Council Appointments


I read on of your appointment to the creative arts council I was very glad to see the likes of Mark Okraku mantey as the head because over the years we seen what Mark has done in the development of this Creative Arts Industry but for Gyankroma Akufo-Addo, your daughter I don’t know the roles she has played over the years to help this industry but very checked on her prove that she is a smart girl, there is nothing wrong appointing your own daughter to work in your government but please is she the same person who  crushed the car of the then Governor of the Bank of Ghana, one early morning when she had left the Club House?


If the answer is yes then please you need to advise her well now that she has taken a public appointment and as the daughter of the President all eyes will be on her because  we heard not too long ago that a certain government was for family and friends , so what has changed ?is that  principle  dead ??


Mr President please when are you going to appoint the like of my Uncle Mr Fred Kyei Mensah who is still been owed by the Ghana statistical service for works he did for them during the last 2010 Population and Housing Census.Nana for your information during the election he played a very key role to help you get more votes he was always on radio and tv preaching your gospel so please today if you are in power don’t forget my Uncle Mr Fred Kyei Mensah..


 I hope and pray for you, Mr. President, that you serve as a divine agent that leads this country and the world into a new era, a country driven by the moral principles upon which all civilization rests, in all their rich diversity, live in harmony and peace, humbly serving the higher calling for which we were all created.


God bless you and God bless Mother Ghana and the Creative Arts Industry




George Asamani

Admirer of the Creative Arts


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Bride Disgraced By Bridal Company On Facebook After She Bought Her Wedding Dress On Credit (Photo)

*Bride Disgraced By Bridal Company ON FACEBOOK After She Bought Her Wedding Dress On CREDIT And Failed To Pay


The obsession with ‘the perfect wedding’ leads to so many troubles down the line, especially when it places a massive financial burden on a young, up and coming couple. But despite all these, some can never do without having that ‘perfect day’ when the world revolves around them.


For a young Ghanaian couple, that obsession has landed them in hot water, with the company they bought a wedding gown from on credit publicly shaming them – on FACEBOOK.

The lady is purportedly one Eunice Armah, and she bought the gown from ‘Radiant Bridal’. According to Radiant Bridal, she paid Ghc 600 as a down payment for the gown, promising to pay the rest (Ghc 750) after the wedding. Two months later, that money has still not arrived.