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Top 10 Things That Make A Man like me Attractive

Most of the time, what leads a woman’s initial attraction to a man is his physical make up. But once we get past the looks, what is it that keeps a man attractive in the eyes of women? Well, there’s a lot more than meets the eye and gentlemen everywhere need to know the traits that make them attractive and make women want to be around them. Here are 10 ideas.

1. Smile
A great smile is one of the greatest attraction of a man. It breaks a woman’s resistance and allows her to relax around you without any verbal language. This is why a man who is generous with his smile is guaranteed to be maintain a women-magnet.

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2. Masculinity
What most women first notice are a your physical assets, but what lingers in their mind is your masculinity. It’s in the way you move and talk that keeps a woman’s eyes on you and creates her instinctive feelings of attraction.

3. Confidence
Confidence makes a man. Show her your male confidence and that you’re self-assured, never backing down from any situation. Make her feel protected. There’s just something about a commanding vibe and aura of authority that women seeking men can’t resist.

4. Eye contact
A man who knows how to have eye contact is a man who knows how to communicate. It’s the best way to show that you’re listening to what a woman is saying. It also makes a woman feel special and cared for.

5. Aromatic sense
If a man looks good and smells even better, women are bound to swarm around him.

6. Having a sense of style
It’s not the clothes that make a man sexy, but how he carries his apparel with confidence and ease that does. Clothes don’t impress women; it’s the man that makes those clothes look good on him that does. Avoid styles which are unattractive to women like tight leather pants, pants that are too big and socks pulled up to your knees with shorts.

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7. Communication skills
Conversational skills are necessary for any man to succeed with women. He must know when and how to start up a conversation and carry it on intelligently.

8. Being able to cook
Most men have no problem when it comes to outdoor grilling, but when they can get down in the kitchen, that’s impressive to most women.

9. Having sensitivity
Sensitivity means having a sense of empathy, confidentiality and trust rolled into one. When a woman confides something or expresses her feelings, she just needs an ear to listen so she can let off steam. However, too much sensitivity can be mistaken for femininity.

10. Having a sense of humor
A man with a good sense of humor automatically is considered sexy by women. Women think that if he can make them with laugh in public, chances are he can also make them giggle in bed.

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1. A plane will land safely at KIA

2. Twins will be born in Ghana

3. A guy in his thirties will marry a lady in her twenties.

4. JM will win the NDC primaries hands down.

5. Nana Addo will be elected as NPP candidate and he will select Dr. Bawumia as his running mate for the 2020 elections.

6. A connection man will chop someone’s money for free without providing the US or Schengen visa.

7. An MTTD police officer will take money from a drivers license without inspecting the validity of the license.

8. A lady will break a good guys heart and a certain guy will also break a beautiful lady’s heart..

9. A guy in his twenties will be arrested by the police (this can be averted by prayer).

10. NDC will accuse NPP of some scandals.

11. There will be births, marriages and deaths across the land.

12. It will rain in 2019

13. Someone will collect someone’s gal

14. Some ladies will get broken heart this year

15. Some party supporters will beat their leader this year

16. More demo this year

17. Our president will travel even more than last year.

18. Black stars of Ghana can win any Cup this year.

19. Jordan Ayew will the next leader of the Black stars

20. Most guy are going to be land lords.

I’ll add more when I return from the 8th heaven.

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For Better For Worse in marriage vows is not biblical says Rev. Counselor Lutterott

“I _____, take you ______, to be my wedded wife. To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish ’till death do us part. And hereto I pledge you my faithfulness”. (I can’t see the verse in the Bible)

If couples take a wedding vow that is not in the Bible, is the vow to God or to man? This made me to sit and wonder: what kind of vow Abraham and Sarah took and they stayed together for 90-solid years, even though childless? What kind of vow did Mary the mother of Jesus and Joseph her husband sign that they stayed together, even though Jesus was conceived by the Holy spirit? Were there any happily married people in the Bible that we can make references to? did they take any vows that we need to read and learn from? For better or for worse, our parents and grandparents, some of whom came from polygamous homes seem to still have it better than what we have nowadays. They didn’t take any vows, did they?


For better or for worse is not in the Bible, where did Christendom get it from? Are there not other things Christians grow up with, beliefs they have, orientations they have which are not in the Bible

the recommendationsmost Christians make for marriage are good. The failure of Christian marriage, however, is that those same people would tell you “for better or worse” means you have to put up with abuse, sexual neglect and addiction. My criticism of this concept has been the same for years: it works great as long as everyone obeys the rules; when they don’t, you’re stuck with no recourse for a spouse’s bad behavior. All the good ideas in the world mean nothing if your misbehaving spouse knows you will never leave. Such a marriage philosophy just creates a breeding ground for neglect and abuse.
I strongly believe that marriages should be for BETTER




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If You Approach A Lady & Start Telling Her About Yourself, What Are You? (READ)

“I have been struggling to explain some basic political concepts to my friends but they simply cannot comprehend … So Let us sexualize the education & see if they will understand…

1. If you approach a Lady & start telling her about yourself, showing her pics of places you have been & some of your best taken photos, it is called GREENBOOK

2. If you tell her all the sweet, mostly unrealistic things to melt her heart & get her to grant you entry into her temple, it is called MANIFESTO

3. If you are dating & you both are okay reading each others messages. It is called TRANSPARENCY ( not common )

4. If you are dating a lady and you have to spend hours convincing her anytime you want to make love to her , it is called BUREAUCRACY.

5. If you don’t notice her new hairstyle or new dress & you fail to give her a compliment, It is an INSENSITIVE government.

6. If you ask your friends & family to act as spies, monitoring every move of your partner, it is ensuring CHECKS & BALANCES.

7. If you shower a lady with gifts & cash as a way of luring her to grant you unrestricted access, you are simply engaging in VOTE BUYING.

8. If you hijack her at a party in order to prevent other potential suitors from making a move on her, it is INCUMBENCY ADVANTAGE

9. If your performance is not satisfactory & you keep losing the match under one minute, you are INCOMPETENT


10. if you have to insult a guy you suspect she likes in order to gain advantage over him, you doing POLITICS of INSULTS.

11. If you prevent her from attending a party because you know she will meet her ex there… ABUSE of POWER

12. If you pretend to like all 11 points above, you are a FOOTSOLDIER

13. If you don’t LIKE any of the 12 points above, you are a DESPERATE opposition that doesn’t appreciate anything the government does.

14. If you write an insult under this post, you are a paid SERIAL CALLER

15. If you suspect that your girl friend is dating another man yet do not confront her but plans to drop her when the opportunity comes, then you are a FLOATING VOTER.

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Ministry of Youth and Sports is considering introducing this discipline of sports. This obviously will help curb unemployment in men.

Just check out some of the comments from their  application letters

Yaw Sanogo Some works are self motivation lol

Okyeman Icon I always love my job than the salary.

Okyeman Icon I would participate free without taking anything from government as reward.


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English Words Ghanaians Usually Have Difficulty Pronouncing

There are some words that we’ve had difficulties pronouncing our entire lives.

Let’s see if you agree with us.

1. Parallelogram

There are too many ‘Ls’ in this one and for a country where most people confuse R and L all the time, this turns into a herculean task.



2. Testicles

It is very common to hear Ghanaians pronounce this word as “Tes-ta-kel”, we don’t know where they got the “A” from. It gets worse when they replace the ‘L’ in there with an ‘R’. Just take your time, you will get it.


3. Thistle

This small word can mess you up sometimes. Although it is not a common word, those who come across it always face a challenge.


4. Characteristics

Pronouncing character is enough headache for some Ghanaians, how much more characteristics. If you don’t take your time on this one, you might end up biting your tongue.


5. Cacophony

Ok! Take a look at this word, try pronouncing it, when you’re done listen to the right pronunciation online and laugh at yourself.


6. Cucumber

Please my fellow Ghanaians, it is not “cum-cum-ba” it is “cucumber“.


7. Isthmus

Not so common but has caused a lot of damage to a few who dared to use it.



8. Colonel

If you know you have problems with your ‘R’ and ‘L’, don’t bother pronouncing it before you end up biting your tongue.


9. Crisps

This word might look simple but trust me, it is tough getting it right.


10. Onomatopoeia

Pronouncing this brings a lot of chaos.


11. Deterioration

When you see words like this, you think it will be easy to pronounce till you actually try. If you’ve ever had a problem with this word, don’t worry, that makes you a Ghanaian.


12. Rural

Ever heard someone say, “lulal aleas“? if you have, that makes us two. Most Ghanaians pronounce it “Lulal”.


13. Crocodile

Please if you feel pronouncing this word will give you a hell of time just use croc and be free. It is very common to hear Ghanaians say, cro-cro-die and not crocodile as it is written.



14. Thoroughly

The latter “th” part of this word is silent, pronunciation of this word is “tho-ro-ly


15. Vocabulary

Not wanting trouble with this word, we just say, “vocabs” and we are gone.


16. Miscellaneous

Honestly, if you don’t take time on this word, you will bite your tongue.


17. Otolaryngology

Okay! If you think you’re an expert at pronouncing words, try pronouncing this word, record it and leave it in the comment box. (Ghanaians only).


18. Remuneration

This is the word most Ghanaians love to hear, but how many of us really love to pronounce it? We are okay with Salary, even with that, there is a problem but we will let is pass.


19. Brewery

If you’re a foreigner in the country and you hear people say, “Blu-way“, that’s the word up there. We actually want to say Brewery.


20. Tomorrow



21. Regularly

Pronouncing this word is headache and so just take your time.


22. February

Just like the word above, we face the same challenge when pronouncing February, thanks to the numerous ‘R’ in there.


23. Statistics

Personally, I’ve heard many people say, “Sa-sis-sisis” and I’ve also seen many bite their tongue when pronouncing this word.


24. Library

Just take your time on this one and you will easily get it right.


25. Anesthetist

If you don’t work in the hospital you’re safe from this burden. If you are unfortunate enough to have to pronounce it, we wish you divine mercies.

26. Diphtheria

Not common but when you come across it, just take your time before you cause a blunder.


27. Subtle

The “b” is silent when pronouncing this word. It is pronounced as “sa-tle” and not “sab-tle


Add more, we’ll update our list. You may want to check out words that are used by Ghanaians and are only known to Ghanaians