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During this period of lockdown, clap for:

Volunteers in protective suits are disinfected in Wuhan, the epicentre of the novel coronavirus outbreak, in Hubei province, China. [China Daily/Reuters]
1. House helps who are not allowed to go out with their mistress.
2. Prisoners.
3. Those in hospital and homes who are bed ridden.
4. People who are physically challenged.
5. Security personnel who guard one place for 5 years.
Workers spray disinfectant as a precaution against the coronavirus at a market in Bupyeong, South Korea. [Lee Jong-chul/Newsis/AP]
6. Those with no entertaining gadgets.
7. These without electricity and water.
8. The elderly with stroke,diabetes and pressure in wheelchairs.
9. Those who feed from hand to mouth.
10. Finally, women who are able to feed their family from meager incomes.
Just some few days at home, you see how bored you’ve become? Such is life!

Source:Fred Kyei Mensah (Facebook)


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‘No kissing’ – Scientist advises as coronavirus spreads

The public has been advised to stop kissing temporarily to avoid the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

A leading UK scientist, Lord Winston, said people should desist from any form of a friendly gesture.

In a Dailymail publication, Lord Winston suggested, “It seems to me that simply not shaking hands is only part of the problem, but social kissing is something we should not be doing.”

He said this during a Westminster debate on Tuesday.

He recounted how people had tried to plant a kiss on him on arrival for the debate but warned them, “it was something that we should not be doing.”

“We have to realise, we should not be touching our nose, mouth, and eyes,” he stressed.

Tory Lord Bethell, who cautioned against the practice, echoed Lord Winston’s concerns, and also pointed out the “real problem” was people touching their nose on average up to 100 times a day.

“Kissing is wonderful but potentially dangerous,” Lord Bethel said.

He explained, “If your hands are clean, it doesn’t matter how many times you touch your nose but if they are dirty, whether through shaking hands or by touching a door handle or whatever it is, the germs are there and they can be conveyed.”

Meanwhile, the Italian health ministry has announced a ban on kissing to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte’s government has provided rules for the entire nation that included advice on not to kiss, hug or even shake hands.

Another country to join the no kissing ban is France.

French ministers have urged people to cease greeting each other with customary kisses.

French Health Minister, Olivier Veran, urged people to cut back on “la bise”, the custom of greeting people with kisses, or air kisses, on the cheeks.

The country has also imposed a ban on all indoor public gatherings of over 5,000 people to slow down the spread of the virus.

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Ghana Witches Association Warns Members To Suspend Meetings As Corona Virus Tears Africa

Witches in Ghana are not taking any chances at all. It is now formal that the impact of the Corona Virus is hitting the Kingdom of Darkness.

Latest information reaching us indicates that the head of the Association is warning all members to suspend all meetings and stay home. According to our Journalist, Kofi Yehowahwho quizzed the leader, she revealed that the impact of the Corona Virus is making their activities slow.

“We can’t touch people anymore. Even when our members meet, we can’t greet any longer so we have to suspend meetings till everything is okay.” The witches disclosed

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Joe Mettle causing me pains- A crying young man in love.

For those who doesn’t know him, his name is Joe Mettle, a renown Gospel artist. His music has blessed so many lives including mine. Personally I love him and his music but today I am not posting him here for his works, I’m posting him because of the pain he is causing me.

So the thing is this, I’m in a very beautiful relationship with so much love in the air, i’ve been with my girl for 2 years now and it’s all been wonderful and beautiful. The only problem has been that, my girl seems to be so much into minister Joe Mettle that she just can’t hide it, she is so much into him that she mentions his name even in her sleep. This has been a heartbreaking situation for me for so long but I’ve kept my cool.

knowing that my girlfriend is madly crushing on someone else tears me up. The worst happened on a day we went for Joe Mettle’s program, this girl acted as if she didn’t even know me, everything was about Joe Joe Joe Joe!!
When we talked about the issue, she apologized but keeps repeating it.

I truly love this girl, I have propose marriage to her and she’s said yes, but I feel so lost and confused. What if things go sideways and Joe actually notice her? What if Joe one day ask her out, will she choose me over him?
Hmmm, the battle is real.

Please advice me, What should I do???😢

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Photos: Pastor Makes Panties With A Print Of His Face For His Female Congregants

Would you wear a panty with your pastor’s face on it? This might seem awkward on many different levels but funny enough, some ladies might be doing it out here.

A controversial pastor Thaddeus Mathews popularly known as the ‘cussing pastor’ is believed to have designed panties for his female congregants.

Through his Instagram page, the pastor shared photos of different panty types which all have a print of his face at the front side of the innerwear.

According to Mathews, he was considerate of all the body sizes of the women before he made the panties and he assured his followers that their sizes were available.

“Ladies get you some ThaddyBear underwear from a small to a 5X” he wrote in his post

In another post by the pastor, he captured an image of the same dirty panties which were being washed in a sink to prove that some ladies have been wearing them.

This move has triggered so many reactions from social media users who have criticized him for being inappropriate.

Other controversies that the pastor has been caught up in include allowing his female congregants to twerk in the church as well as publicly expressing his attraction towards thick women. Just like his name cussing pastor, Mathews also uses curse words to get the attention of many people.

The pastor serves under the Naked Truth Liberation and Empowerment Ministries and his church offers extreme freedom that is not provided in traditional churches.

Check out some of the reactions


@My girl wears a 6x sooo make bigger sizes G.


@king_ashton_reigns they need to stop it 😩😩😩😂


This the old thaddeus he use to fool 😂😀 @q_naves


@_brownskinmafia get u before they sellout 😂😂😂


I want mines

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My husband inserts his finger in my vagina and tastes it in his mouth whenever I return home – Confused woman

Dear Sir,

I think my husband might be sick in the head. He’s had this appetite to want to always shave the hairs on my vagina, every week. It started on the night of our honeymoon, and has continued for two years. He says it’s his” fetish”.

Another crazy thing he does on a daily basis, which I don’t like is, he would always finger my vagina with his middle right finger, and then, taste it in his mouth. He does this every time I return home from any outing.

I used to think he was naturally romantic. But I feel he just doesn’t trust me. I might be wrong, but I don’t like any of this. We’ve been married for two years, and he’s committed to doing this ritual on me. Am I to be worried?

He’s not violent or abusive. He performs his duty as a man and husband, very caring and loving. But would get angry when I attempt refusing him his weekly shave or daily fingering.”

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Woman Throws “Divorce Party” To Celebrate End Of Marriage

A woman in the US has shared photos from her divorce party after successfully divorcing her husband.

The woman who couldn’t hide her joy shared a couple of photos from her divorce ceremony and expressed her how happy she is to have walked out of the abusive marriage she was in some time ago.

According to now Miss Gladys Hopkins her former husband was abusive and a drug addict who has been on rehab severally but had no intention of changing from his old ways.