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BREAKING: Controller And Accountant General Issues A Statement To All Public Sector Workers

Controller and Accountant Generals Department (CAGD) has issued a statement to all public workers across the country.

According to the institution which is responsible for the payment of government workers’ salaries across the country, public works must do well to upload pictures unto their ESPV system which is the designated website that validates public workers across the country.

Controller And Accountant General

The statement reads:

Dear GOG Employee,

Have you submitted your Bio passport picture to your Head of Department for validation? Please note that there will be a mandatory requirement of all Bio pictures on the Epayslip effective 31st August 2020 before you can access any loan/welfare facility.

Meanwhile, Controller and Accountant General Department have warned public sector workers of a new fraud format that have been reported to their head office in Accra, and they, therefore, plead on government workers not to fall victim to such fraudsters who will cal employees and ask of their staff ID and particulars.

The CAGD further added that such people do not work and call from their institution as they claim.

Controller And Accountant General

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Photo of charm tied around a lady’s waist that went viral

Guess what happened after a woman who tied never seen before charm around her waist was exposed publicly, as she burns downs.

Social media users reactions alone signpost how outrageous the incident had been.

Per what our portal sights, the waist beads was made of chicken feet, snail and a black thread.

This comes as self-protection against rape due to the increase in rape cases lately.

Try and rape this girl and it will be the end of your life. lol.

See the photo below:

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Our women deserve better and we must respect them !!

Lexus Aggrey Farms writes ;

1. Divorced: She can’t keep a man 😢

2. Raped: What was she wearing? 😭

3. Childless Marriage: She is barren 🥺🤰🏿

4. Doesn’t give birth to a male child: it’s all her fault, there’s no son in her womb 🙃

5. Rich and Independent: she’s a prostitute 💃🏿

6. A bad child: It’s all the mother’s fault because she spoilt him😢

7. She wants to play some sports: You’re a girl!! It’s too difficult for you, that’s not your purpose in life 🤸🏿🙎

8. She is single and drives a car: she would drive away all potential suitors. 🚗🙍

9. She speaks her mind: She is bossy.🙄🙎🏿

10. Unmarried in her /30s/40s: She is irresponsible. 😐🤦🏿

11. Married: Becomes her husband’s property.🙍

12. Cheating spouse: Its her fault, She made him do it, she should be prayerful 💔😞

13. Widowed: She killed her husband to take over his properties. 😥

14. Remarries: She didn’t Mourn her late husband enough😔

15. Domestic Abuse: What did the woman do?. 😩

Respect to our ladies please😍

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Costly mistakes single ladies make

1) You fail to look good.

2) You pray for an excellent husband instead of becoming an excellent wife material.

3) You use money to buy a man and

keep the relationship under your control.

4) You sell your destiny fo marriage.

5) You stay in an unhealthy relationship because you are scared that if you break up with him, you may not find another man as good as him.

6) You give your heart to a man and later try to use your head….

7) You compete with your man instead of complementing him.

8) You use sex to get a man.

9) You work at a job that limit your progress in life.

10) You follow a man blindly.

11) You mistake romance for love.

12) You don’t put God first in your life.

13) You mistake the availability of money for love.

14) You don’t know what you want in life.

15) You fail to grow up in maturity.

16) You enter into a relationship with unavailable man.

17) You force a relationship to stay alive.

18) You date different men at the same time giving each of them the impression that you are romantically interested in them when you really are not.

19) You compare your man with your father, brother, or other men in the past.

20) You adapt to an unhealthy relationship instead of demanding for change, respect and honour.

21) You fail to connect with quality, God fearing men and women in positive relationships.

22) You assumed the position of a wife, by cooking for your bf, doing his laundry, and living with him

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The Woman’s breasts are filled with hyper-sensitive nerve endings that get stimulated when touched, sucked or licked.

Men love to suck the breast just as women love their breast to be stimulated. But some men avoid a woman’s breast as soon as she gets pregnant because they believe the breast milk is harmful to Adults.



Breast milk is quite beneficial for adults too… It increases an adult immunity as it does in children.


It helps to balance the cardiovascular system. If a woman breast is sucked for a long period of time, it increases the heart beat rate of a woman to 110 beats per minute. It is a very good exercise for your heart health.


Then do not be reluctant for your hubby to suck your breast. It helps to move more than 30 female facial muscles; and improves blood flow in the skin.


If you are the type that don’t feel or enjoy sex, encourage your hubby to suck your breast and play with your nipples. I bet, you will reach orgasm.


It is a natural remedy that stimulates the immune system resulting in the production of antibodies that can protect against viruses. This process is called CROSS IMMUNO-THERAPY. During breast sucking, the breath of a woman becomes faster more than 60 times per minute. INHALING AND EXHALING MORE OFTEN WILL HELP PREVENT A VARIETY OF diseases OF THE LUNGS.


Study has shown that sucking and massaging a breast simultaneously and vigorously help to reduce chances of a breast lumps which can develop to cancer.. It helps in easy flow of hormones and prevent lumps in the breast.


Breast milk can tackle cancer. Adults with cancer cells, digestive disorder and immune disorder are advised to drink several ounces of milk daily or weekly to ease the ravages of CHEMOTHERAPY. It helps to booster their immune system and improve digestion.




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A lot of girls today complain guys walk away from them simply bcus they refused having sex with them. While some are even tempted given away their virginity just to keep the guy.

Let me be blunt here. Looking at it critically you will see that virginity may not be the real reason why guys walk away,it may not be sex either.
The story of the ten virgins in the bible made us to understand dat both the wise and the foolish were virgin; the other five wer not allowed to see the bridegroom not bcus dey were virgin or dey lost their virginity.

NO! But bcus they were foolish and called foolish bcus they had no EXTRA OIL
And what is that EXTRA OIL if i may ask?

The EXTRA OIL here is your CHARACTER or those things you can offer in a relationship apart from SEX, VIRGINITY AND PHYSICAL BEAUTY.

Most girls don’t have that EXTRA OIL to sustain them in any relationship, while some brag about virginity, that’s all they gat to offer.

Apart from virginity and sex what lse can u offer to a man?
Can you support him physically?
Can you support him financially?
Can you support him spiritually?
ow about mentally?
All you do is demanding money for bags, shoes, cloths and outing. Makin him spend unnecessarily because you see relationship as a Job opportunity, sex as your office duty and virginity as a CV or qualification for the job.

Have u ever sat him down and help him plan his future?
Has he ever seen you as someone he can confide in ?

How many time has he come to you in a state of dilemma seeking your advice?
Rather than jumping from one place to another all in the name of enjoyment.

*As for the virgins dat refuse to understand or even remember that virginity ends after wedding night but the extra oil continues . try to be a woman dat a man will always regret losing for the rest of his life, be d woman dat ur man can’t afford losing*

*Are you still with me?*

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1. RECONCILIATION SEX:- Sex is a most potent weapon for diluting and difusing misunderstanding in Marriage. If you don’t use SEX to settle some stubborn crisis, then you are missing out and not maximising it. In addition when you both settle a misunderstanding, the person at fault could initiate sex as a way to make up to the other who was on the receiving side of the conflict.

2. HEALING SEX:- There are some sicknesses and diseases that are cured by good Sex I mean very good Sex. Healing sex is gentle, it is full of grace and elegance. You don’t rush it. Mbanu. You do it softly and it hits the bull’s eye. Please Husbands, don’t throw your weight on her if it’s for healing, let the bed carry your weight 100%.

3. PUNISHMENT SEX:- When I counsel couples, are times I hear spouses say “Since he did that, I decided to punish him by depriving him of sex”, or “since she refused me, I decided not to touch her again”. That is as senseless as saying “since my child failed a Test, I punished him by withdrew him from school”. It’s foolishness. The wise thing to do is to give your spouse more sex as punishment rather than depriving him or her. When your husband or wife misbehaves, correct them using sex. That is the best punishment. Not slapping or fighting or public disgrace. Punishment sex is very hot. 😷

4. MEMORABLE SEX:- This is a very special kind of sex that you organise and plan for. Every couple must be doing this once in a while. Honeymoons should be organised at least once is a quarter (once in 3 months). If you have means, do it once a month. You book a hotel for say 3-7 days and retreat to help build your marriage. A kind of Intimacy Retreat. You mustn’t go to hotel if you can’t afford it. Just send the kids somewhere and make it memorable. Light Candles around and on the blue or green bulb. Use good perfume and the Angels will bear you witness.

5. QUICK SURPRISED SEX:- This is a sex that married couples should do often to build their love life. One “Quickie” is stronger than 100 Love Charms from India or oshogbo. A Quickie is that very fast sex that a couple does in ODD places or in ODD position. Usually one spouse surprises the other with it. You don’t take formal permission quickies. You just start it just like that. MARRIAGES WITHOUT QUICKIES HAVE QUICK PROBLEMS AND BREAK QUICK. Spouses who don’t believe in surprise sex are analogue and expired. Quickies can be done in the car. Drive her to a corner and pretend as if the car didn’t start. It can take place on kitchen sink or at the balcony or inside swimming pool or in garden.

6. EXERCISE SEX:- This type should happen frequently especially in the mornings. God did it that the male organ wakes up in the morning erect to greet it’s Owner – the Wife. So as much as humanly possible, let every wife answer the morning greeting. God’s mercies are New Every Morning. Great is His Faithfulness. Mercy and Faithfulness are co-joined twins.

7. ENCOURAGEMENT SEX:- You use this type of Sex to encourage your Spouse to do something or Not to do something. There are times he wants to do something that you think is not the best of decision, just come in the most seductive way and delay him. When he is exhausted after you have drilled him, speak softly and he will say “I didn’t know that was what you were saying before, now I understand you”.

8. REWARD SEX:- This is the type that you reward your spouse for achieving something unique or for exceeding expectations. Reward Sex is not just one round but extended over a period of time. Reward Sex is an open check to do whatever he or she loves. It’s extra ordinary.

9. PROCREATION SEX:- This is sex you do purely for pregnancy. When you need child, the best style is the one that gives the husband maximum penetration. Support your wife with pillow is you aren’t a longman. But you must make sure it is as wet as wetness can be. Sperm needs wetness to swim inside the womb. When he releases he must remain inside there for a few minutes. Don’t pull fast.


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Remember that there are better days ahead of you.

If you were cheated on, dumped for no good reason, broken hearted by that special person who was your everything, who taught you what love is, whom you cared for so much, who meant the world to you…

Don’t feel so low because you’re not alone. Cry as much as you can but when you’re done ask yourself these few questions.

Why I am crying now? Was I
meant to cry? If he/she was the right person for me now why did he or she make me cry and even leave me for no good reason?

Does he or she fail to sleep and eat just like me or s/he is out there having fun with other new people? Is that person stressed like me? Does h/she feel any pain just like me? Does that person miss me at all?

After answering all those questions then get down on your kneels and pray to God to make you be strong and to help you find someone who will love you genuinely with no limitations, pretense, peer pressure and even with a mission. God will help you find you someone who will erase away that pain in your heart.

Who will appreciate everything you will sacrifice for him or her, someone who will feel your love and care.So for now stop over calling,texting, pleading and crying for your heartless ex because you are just wasting your time.

You’re just a laughing matter to him or her and even the friends. He or she is having fun out there and dating other new people.

Just try to live your life. You will get over that pain with time and you will
find someone who is worthy your heart.

One day your ex will also miss
you, h/she will try to contact you and even to ask you for forgiveness but it will be late for him or her. Relax for now; don’t rush to fall in love again. Give yourself time, know yourself better; enjoy the stress free single life as you’re preparing for someone better. You’ll be happy again..

Remember that there are better days ahead of you.