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Virgin  Akosua’s Corner: Shave Your Balls

Our Men,

Shaving just your beard is not enough, shave your balls and asshair too. Toothpick and Dental flossers are now expensive wai!

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We’re tired of pulling hair from our teeth after every oral sex session.

And to the men with gray hair on their penis nu, plz Dark & Lovely Hair Dye😂 is 10ghc and our own “yoMmo” is just 2ghc. 😉

Image result for shave your balls PICTURES

Don’t just dye the gray hair on ur head and leave the ones on your dick..Its a team work.😝

“what’s good for the goose is good for the gander”😁😁

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Thank you
Your Only Virgin



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Virgin  Akosua’s Corner: Stop the Unnecessary Questions

Our Men👬

Interrogating us while we’re in the act is a “No” for some of us. “Is this okay?’ ‘Is that okay?’ ‘What about this?” we get that you want our consent, in case you want to try something new. But Charlie! constantly asking us for validation is so unattractive and under-confident to us.

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Women don’t come with news tickers above their vaginas, and having sex with you shouldn’t feel like watching CNN.

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We know Communication is absolutely a must but make sure any question you ask are purposed and specific, especially once you enter freaky or wrong territory. “Is it okay if I put it in your shithole😂?” is definitely a question worth asking…Checking in with us every time you change positions de3 its tiresome paa!!!

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Massa, explore and fuck us well and stop the unnecessary questions nu..It’s a lovemaking session not a press conference.😎

Thank you

Your Only Virgin

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Virgin  Akosua’s Corner : Things yOU nEED NOT tO Be ‘TOLD’…

Dear Sister Girl,

Don’t clean your vagina with the same towel you used for your body. A lady must have at least 3 separate towels.

One for your face, 
one for your body,
one for your 3tw3 (Vagina)

Make sure you wash or replace every 3-4 days at the most. Don’t rub dirty towels around your private parts and never share towels too, it’s unhealthy.

Image result for towel sizes IN PICTURES

And to the ladies who clean their vagina, anus and body with “face towel” and still rub their face with same towel nu de3 me ma MO due wai! You don’t know the difference between “face towel” and “trumu towel” ona? Village girls😂😆

Related image

Some ladies too go use one towel saa for a year or more without changing… Sister Aden, Ohia b3n nkoaaa Or that one too U want the Government to provide for U? Some of you can buy Pizza 40ghc but can’t buy common towel, shame!

Please let’s practice careful hygiene to avoid contagion!

Thank you
Your Only Virgin

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Are Women Lazy?

Is it just me or are women kind of lazy? I know having a baby is no picnic but that’s been trivialized to the point where abortions are cool. What we’re left with is guys with tits and they’re not exactly killing it as guys with tits. Even bringing up this possibility will no doubt bring a backlash of women saying “What about your wife this?” and “What about your daughter that?” and “your mother must be ashamed etc.” which is ironic because it’s a very lazy retort.
Image result for pictures of lazy
I can think of about ten reasons why I started thinking that women are pretty, uh, indolent.
Sleeping woman


Last week I had to stay home from work and I’m walking around the neighborhood with the kids and all I see are women on the phone. They’re lying on park benches with their feet up blabbing away next to a stroller while construction workers guide I-beams on to the buildings around them.


In the elevators of my office building, the women who work here always have the same small talk. “How are you?” always gets “I’m tired” and is usually followed by, “I want to go home.” After that it’s “How close is Friday?” or “When’s the next break?” They fought hard to get into the workforce but it sounds like they regret it.


Okay, I’m married now but I remember back in my single days, I’d go back to some chick’s apartment and it always looked like a bomb hit it. The sink was always full of dishes and there’d be a pile of clothes next to their bed the size of a car. The bathroom looked like a meth head’s with 17 bottles of conditioner and a tiny sliver of soap soaking in water that looked like cum.


Ever heard of using actual words to form a sentence? “I was like, totally not like, mad but like, who ever… ? (weird face) You know? It’s like… (bugged out eyes).” When did New Yorkers become Valley Girls from the 80s? It’s hard to imagine becoming so lazy, you no longer speak your own language.

Pop Art Lazy Woman Lying on Sofa and Watching TV with Pizza. Vector illustration


Young girls aren’t fat but pretty much every woman over 30 could stand to lose as many pounds. Have you visited a hospital recently? Almost all the nurses are so fat, they can barely walk. How can they not know how unhealthy that is? Women are constantly complaining about diets and trying to avoid gluten or whatever the latest stupid fad is but it’s pretty simple: Get off your ass. There should only be one diet book and it should only have seven words: Burn more calories than you take in.


I have no problem with someone taking a stretching class (yes I do, what a waste of time) but don’t think you’re actually working out when you put your foot on your knee and pray. It’s not cardiovascular. It’s relaxing. And it’s not even good for you.


Every time I ask a woman what her perfect Sunday would be, she says lying in bed all day surrounded by celebrity magazines which they “only buy for the pictures” because they’re too lazy to read them. Sometimes a bath is included. What are you, 100? Their other favorite thing is going to the beach, which consists of lying on the sand and… nothing. They don’t even swim. It requires too much effort.


Why does someone else have to paint your nails? What are you, a monarch? Outside of sitting in a bed surrounded by pictures of Jennifer Aniston, a woman’s favorite thing to do is go to a spa. That means they sit around and have various slaves rub their bodies while others massage their hands and put mud masks on their fucking toes. Did Cleopatra get that kind of attention?

Image result for pictures of lazy


Women have been liberated from domestic chores and they are no longer slaves to the kitchen so who cooks? Either the nearest place that delivers or the husband. Amongst my friends I’d say about half the men I know cook all the meals. Women have ceased to create life and now they can’t even create spaghetti. They’re basically my dad.


They elected Obama because he’s cool (he wouldn’t have won without the estrogen vote), they think schools need more money (even though it doesn’t affect test scores), they think teachers are underpaid (even though per hour they’re doing very well), they think “Frankenfood” is evil (even though it saved a billion lives) and they think guns are killing our kids (even though gun accidents make up about 1% of all fatal child accidents). Hey ladies, some things are counterintuitive. Just because something is incredibly cute and cool and fun and smart doesn’t mean it’s good. Take me for example.

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Kwabena Kwabena Finally Confirms Marriage With TV Presenter?

After all the speculations indicating that they were dating, celebrated contemporary Hi-Life Musician, Kwabena Kwabena has finally broken his silence by affirming his intent to marry Frema Ashkar in his song titled ‘Obaa”

Frema Ashkar who is currently Kwabena Kwabena’s manager, has been at the centre of the ‘Mene Woaa’ hitmaker’s second divorce saga as she was alleged to be the woman currently warming Kwabena’s bed.

Frema who is also a divorcee, and has constantly refused to publicly respond to the allegation finally responded by debunking that assertion on Angel TV’s program ’The Purple Room”. had reported that, Frema Ashkar is set to announce new surname but can not ascertain the man the ‘Good Morning Ghana’ hostess will be bearing his name, though Kwabena Kwabena’s name has again popped up.

Confirming to’s assertion in his song “ Obaa” the celebrated Hi-Life prodigy outlined his intention to marry his manageress Frema Ashkar.

In ‘Obaa’which was produced by Kwame Yeboah ,Kwabena Kwabena eulogized Frema’s beauty; stating that, considering her beauty she deserves to be dated and immediately be married to.

Kwabena Kwabena on Thursday November,30,2017 launched his 5th Album titled ‘Ahyesi” at the +233 Jazz bar & Grill in Accra and “Obaa” is part of the songs that make up the Ahyesi album.

The ‘Adult Music’ hitmaker is set to host his annual LOVE Night Concert on February 17,2018.

Listen to ‘Obaa’ below and be the judge


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Dear friends,

I wish to use this medium to inform you of my intention to do some front line politics in MADINA.

You all will attest to the fact that we have been around for long and it’s about time we take up the mantle of leadership from people who have either no regard for humanity or do not understand the reason to be there.

No automatic alt text available.

I have over the years worked as a member of the opposition NDC in Madina.

This time around, I have been invited by very notable members of my party to contest the position of CONSTITUENCY SECRETARY and I have accepted so to do.

I am of the fullest conviction that the time is now.

However, I can’t achieve this goal without your blessings & support. You remain my family. We have been together for long.

I am very much aware NOT EVERYONE here may share same POLITICAL FAITH with me, however, far apart from that, you are my brothers and sisters. We are BLOOD. Partisanship cannot divide us.

I pray your support and look forward to collaborating with everyone here to make this mission a POSSIBILITY.

Image may contain: 1 person

I am therefore encouraging friends who share same POLITICAL FAITH (NDC) with me to get involved in the BRANCH REORGANIZATION AND REGISTRATION exercise and work at becoming Branch Executives so as to qualify to vote during CONSTITUENCY CONFERENCE. I am available to give any information to assist in this regard.

God bless us all, God bless GIS ’99 YEAR GROUP.




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Ban Patapaa’s ‘One Corner’ Song – Maame Dokono

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Veteran actress, Grace Omaboe, known in showbiz as Maame Dokono, has joined the trail of persons condemning the ‘One Corner’ dance craze that grabbed national attention.

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According to her, the song is destroying Ghanaian youth and some adults and has for that matter, increased promiscuity among the youth of the country.

Image result for one corner

“One corner is a bad song and a bad influence on the youth. I think it should be banned because it’s not a good song, it’s backed by spiritual things,” she said on UTV.

Image result for one corner

The ‘One Corner’ song which comes with its dance, became popular after it was performed at Agona Swedru Akwambo Festival.

In the dance, one is seen gyrating in gutters, under parked cars and corners of building blocks.

Image result for one corner

The dance of the song has received a lot of flak from people including gospel artiste, Sonnie Badu and Kwasi Kyei Darkwah.

Image result for one corner

But Maame Dokono believes the lyrics in the song are not good enough for public consumption and the dance associated with it is equally not in tune with Ghanaian culture.

She indicated that there is the need to ban the song before it destroys the country.

Related image