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HIT And MISS Fashion At The 2018 VGMAs


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Cristiano Ronaldo is Better Than Messi In These 4 Areas

Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo and the star of FC Barcelona are arguably the best players in the world and the biggest rivals. Often compared, the two stars remain a topic of discussion among fans of football. Here are four areas in which Ronaldo outperforms Messi.

Most followed on social networks

The Portuguese is the most watched star on social networks. Ronaldo has more than 117 million subscribers on Facebook and more than 47 million on Twitter.


Ronaldo and Messi are very charitable people, but the Portuguese has the upper hand over Messi. His support for the victims of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami was greeted with respect. The Portuguese is very involved with various charities. The Spanish daily Marca reveals that the captain of the Seleçao has recently made a significant donation to the Make-A-Wish association. Cristiano Ronaldo has, according to Marca, donated a very particular object: his Ballon d’Or 2013. The businessman Idan Ofer, the richest Israeli in the world, has acquired for 600,000 euros.

The Ronaldo Museum

CR7 has a large museum in his country which is a tourist center. It is equipped with nearly 140 trophies, medals, and signed shirts.


Unlike the Argentine, Cristiano Ronaldo has a dream body. The former Manchester United player makes us admire his body every time he scores an incredible goal. “CR7” is working on its impressive musculature. “I teach my two sons that talent, hard work and dedication are the only way to become number one,” writes the Portuguese in caption on one of his Instagram posts.

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Banyankole: The Tribe in Uganda Which Allows Bride’s Aunt to Sleep With Groom Before Marriage

Africa is one of the continents of the world with diverse traditions. Earlier today we reported about how some African countries prepare their women for marriage. However, there is one tribe in Uganda whose way of preparing its women for marriage differs completely from other African tribes.

The question now is ‘How much influence should aunties have on their nieces? In many African cultures, aunties provide counselling to their young nieces as they age from adolescence to adulthood. When it comes to marriage, these aunties prepare their nieces for the challenges that lie ahead.

But for the Banyankole people in Southwestern Uganda, the aunt does more than the above, especially during the marriage.

When a couple wants to get married, the primary responsibility of the bride’s aunt is to carry out a sexual check on both her niece and her nephew-in-law. Essentially, the aunt does this by having sex with the groom to check his potency and virility.

She also has to “test” if the bride is still a virgin before they are allowed to consummate their marriage.

In other traditions, the aunt is said to go as far as listening in or watching as the bride and groom have sex in order to prove the couple’s potency.

Inasmuch as this practice may sound weird, it shows how the people of Banyankole hold virginity in high esteem.

As soon as a Banyankole girl is eight, she goes through a lot of restrictions to prepare her for marriage.

When other children her age in other cultures are out having fun and playing, a girl in this part of Uganda is mostly kept indoors, where she is fed beef and millet porridge and forced to drink milk in large quantities so that she becomes fat.

Being fat is synonymous with beauty among the Banyankoles.

When she starts developing breasts, she is also asked by her parents to abstain from sexual activities.

It is the duty of a Banyankole father to find a wife for his son as he pays the bridewealth as well. This consists of some cows, goats and pots of beer, depending on how rich a person is.

Once the bride price is paid, the marriage preparations begin. On the wedding day, there is a lot of feasting at the bride’s home, where the father is expected to slaughter a bull.

At the bridegroom’s home, there is another feast where the marriage is consummated. This is after the bride’s aunt has “tested” her niece’s purity and slept with the groom to also check his potency.


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Male contraceptive that blocks sperm from leaving the penis being developed

The yet to be named drug, being developed by researchers at the Monash University, said to be 100 percent effective, will likely be ready in the next five years.

A male contraceptive capable of blocking sperm from leaving the penis during ejaculation is being developed by scientists, it has been reported.

The yet to be named drug, being developed by researchers at the Monash University, said to be 100 percent effective, will likely be ready in the next five years.

It blocks two key proteins in the brain that are responsible for releasing swimmers during a male orgasm, the Mailonline has reported.

It is also said to have the ability to boost libido by dilating blood vessels – exactly how Viagra works.

Lead researcher Dr Sab Ventura, according to Mailonline, has announced that trial will begin if the next stage of drug development proves successful.

“We are moving closer to developing a convenient, safe and effective, non-hormonal oral male contraceptive that can be readily reversed,” he said.

He continued: “We aim to do this by developing a combination of two drugs that simultaneously block sperm transport rather than disrupt sperm development or maturation.

“With this non-hormonal approach, sperm are unaffected so the contraception is likely to be readily reversible once the medication has been stopped.”

Early laboratory tests shows the drug has no impact on sexual desire.

And that the preliminary trials also showed sperm remained healthy and viable, should men express a desire for children in the future.

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Drunkards Association To Represent Ghana In Germany – VIDEO


The Drunkards Association of Ghana will be in Germany in October 2018 to represent Ghana in this year’s Beer Festival also called Oktoberfest.

The invitation, according to the President of the group, Moses Onyah popularly known as Drybone is due to their vibrancy in the country.


“We are very elated for the recognition by the Germany government even though we have been condemned by Ghanaians”, he stated in an interview on KOFI TV.

The Oktoberfest Munich is one of the largest festivals in the world and attracts some 6.4 million visitors a year. The beer festival held in Munich will run from September 22nd to October 7th 2018 and drunkards from our country are hoping to make Ghana proud.

Moses Drybone maintained that, their participation will not only attract investors but also strengthen Ghana’s relations with Germany.

“We will be going to Germany with some of our local liquors to promote them”, he added.

Moses Drybone also appealed to President Akufo-Addo to promote Planting Palms for Drinks for them to get quality liquor to consume.

Watch video below-



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Afia Schwarzenegger Catwalks In New Video Naked Showing All The Natural Ingredients For Free..

Ghana’s most controversial female personality, Afia Schwarzenegger has gone naked to celebrate the birthday of late Ebony Reigns who perished in a gruesome motor accident.

Yesterday, February 16, 2018, Ebony Reigns born Priscilla Opoku-Kwarteng would have been 21 years if she was alive.

The ‘know no shame’ presenter in the video is seen walking majestically whiles talking on phone with the latest track ‘Konkonsa Police’ of the deceased playing in the background.

At a point in the video, Afia Schwarzenegger gave a 360 which gave a full view of her natural assets. She, however, advised her fans and followers to also record a video of themselves and tag her.

Ahh well, watch the video below and tell us what you think it has came over Afia.

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Hearts of Oak Must Pay Me My GH¢7,000 Or Else – Don Bortey

Image result for Don Bortey

Former Hearts of Oak star Bernard Dong Bortey has warned the club they risk demotion from the Ghana top-flight if they fail to pay him his GH¢7,000 arrears.

Bortey claims the oustanding salaries and bonuses which stretches back to 2004.

The clubless player is in dire need of money to pay the medical bills of his mother who is on her sick bed according to reports.

Image result for Don Bortey

Bortey says the repercussions will be dire for the club if they fail to come to his aid.

”I can’t lie against Hearts of Oak, they owe me GH¢7,000 and must pay me before my mother dies else something terrible will happen to the club,” Bortey told Otec FM.

”If they don’t owe such an amount, they should not pay the money and see if they can win the Ghana Premier League or survive relegation and collapse.

Image result for Don Bortey

”What I’ve done for them, no player can do that in recent times. What Shamo Quaye did for Hearts of Oak, I came to continue and nobody has been able to better it since.

“When I said I’m bigger than Hearts of Oak, they thought I was lying. They will soon know that I’m bigger than the club and I’m not bragging. I’m even better than all the players currently at the club and can play better them so they should not joke with me because I’m the son of God.”