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Weddings Now Too Costly in Ghana

Is that why most guy’s don’t want to settle down but just keeps chopping the tonga’s?


Having honoured several wedding invitations in recent times, my observation is that extravagant wedding ceremonies are gradually gaining undue root in Christianity today. Weddings are becoming a competition for showcasing people’s wealth and prosperity in our society.


Indisputably, wedding ceremonies have become complicated and costly. It is believed that since a wedding occurs once in a lifetime, it must be organized with no expense spared so the whole world will talk about it for days. It is also sad to note that a number of people discourteously create unnecessary noise during wedding solemnization service in many churches. I was shocked to witness an “Azonto” dance in one of the churches I visited.


A Christian marriage ceremony is not a party or reception where we are charmed and entertained, but rather a holy rite where God is exulted.


Pastors should never allow couples and their “wedding directors” to turn such ceremonies into sentimental extravaganza. Marriage in the church is a worship service and, therefore, every element of the service should honour God in a spirit of worship.


Undeniably, deep reverence for the holy and the Holy One is essential to any atmosphere of worship and all that is crude, disruptive and trivial are offensive in worship. Ellen G.White, a prolific Christian author, explicitly states that “…the wedding ceremony is a sacred service and not a time for hilarity…No. It is an ordinance ordained of God, to be looked upon with the greatest.


It is absolutely inappropriate to see wedding ceremonies associated with laughter and noise-making. It is a time for prayer and public declaration of commitment. In this era of economic hardship, young people should be counseled to have a simple beautiful wedding instead of a grand wedding which will put them in debt.





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The 10 Male Features Women Love The Most

The 10 Male Features Women Like Best

What is it that ladies first notice in a man? Or should we say, on a man? Which feature ‘pops out’? Perhaps you have a thing for hands and look first at how strong they are, or whether or not he keeps his nails nicely. Maybe collar bones are your thing, or the Adam’s apple. Everyone has a different priority, each of us with unique physical attributes and each with our own individual preferences.


When polled, the features women rate as being most important on a man are perhaps quite different to what men think we think about. He might put great importance on being – or at least appearing – strong. Is that what women focus on when they meet a guy for the first time? Is his square jawline important, or the amount of body hair he has (or doesn’t)? Does it matter if he has a uni-brow, if the rest of him looks great?

Let’s hope that guys know it’s not just what’s on the outside that matters, of course. But studies show that looks do matter – we instinctively make judgements quickly based on appearances – and similarly we feel good when we get positive reinforcement about our own looks. There’s almost nothing sexier than knowing your new date (or old date, for that matter) appreciates your attributes. Guys and gals are just as vain as one another and nothing makes a man feel more like a man than knowing there’s a manly feature of his that drives you wild.

So where do women’s eyes go first? According to the statistics based on the most commonly-answered responses to that question, the guys out there might be surprised at what it is we’re really interested in…

10. Muscular chest/shoulders

10 male features women like best


Creeping in under the wire at No. 10 are guys’ muscular shoulders and chests. This feature is, in fact, the one that most guys guessed would be women’s No. 1 in polls. Not so. Of course we admire your big, strong selves, but you’re not all muscle men out there. We have to leave some features on equal footing for the slimmer dudes. Indeed, many women are intimidated by the hyper-muscular, big, bad, buffed look. What is too built? If you take steroids and work out seven times a week and still need to ask, you might have a problem. We definitely like you to be stronger than us, but if you spend more time admiring your biceps than we do, well, we’ll probably go find someone else to admire who’ll admire us right back.

9. Penis

10 male features women like best


Yep, looks like this one is overrated by men. While there’s no doubt that this is important – very, for many of us – we’re not too bothered by how it looks. With this male feature, performance counts more than aesthetics. To be a bit euphemistic about it, you might have a cool red sports car or even a stretch limo, but if the suspension’s shot and the ride’s too uncomfortable, well, that’s more of a deal-breaker. It’s okay if a guy has a mid-range vehicle that’s maybe dented on one side, especially if it drives like nobody’s business.


8. Neck

10 male features women like best


When asked what they thought women would rate at No. 8 in terms of importance, you men said, “butt.” Yet again, men were way off here. Neck comes in eighth. It’s a nice enough feature, good for nuzzling. It can smell good and has that rough edge of stubble lower down where your razor doesn’t always reach. There’s something very masculine about the male neck, and we do like it. But, butt? At No. 8? That’s funny…


7. Hair

10 male features women like best


This is the one and only thing on the list that men and women agreed upon, in terms of the importance women place on this feature of the opposite sex. Still, there was some difference in perception. Men thought it would be hair texture that counted. For women, it was just hair. Does he have some? Bald’s okay on the right guy – in fact, some women even prefer that. But if he’s thinning anywhere, is it at the back or is it on the top of his head where we don’t see because, let’s face it, he’s usually taller? Or is he thinning right in front, or worse, around the head? We do like to have something to run our fingers through, and style matters too…

6. Height/Tallness

10 male features women like best
Coming in at No. 6 is how tall you fellows are, or aren’t. It’s important to us, but aren’t those of you who are more vertically challenged happy to know this one didn’t make the top five? The truth is, we like height, absolutely. But as the average height for women is around 5’4” and the average for men is around 5’8”, most of you are going to be taller than most of us. So while we like a tall man to make us feel more feminine, anyone who’s simply taller than us will generally have the same effect. And if you’re shorter and both parties like that anyway? Could make for some interesting dancing.

5. Long legs

10 male features women like best


Although men thought a flat stomach would be at No. 5 on a woman’s list, it turns out legs are more important to the fairer sex. We like a guy who’s got it all in his stride. This goes hand in hand (or leg in leg) with height, anyway, because if a man has long legs, chances are he’ll be tall too.

10 male features women like best


Way more important than guys believed possible is the significance of a man’s eyes to women. Men thought we’d rate this attribute at ninth in terms of importance, but any woman can tell you that’s plain crazy. Why do you think George Clooney is so popular, or in his day the (unfortunately) deceased Paul Newman. When women think of a traditionally beautiful man, one of the first features to spring to mind are his soulful peepers. Ryan Gosling. Eyes. Bradley Cooper!EYES! These “windows to the soul” develop the crinkles that tell the world whether or not you laugh a lot, whether or not you’re kind or mean… And we all have our own favourite eye colors on the must-have ideal man list.


3. Flat stomach

10 male features women like best


Okay, now here’s where one can truly see the difference between the sexes, why men are from Mars and women from Venus. What did men think rated No. 3 in a woman’s mind? Let’s just say it rhymes with Venus. Women actually rated that appendage at No. 9. Sorry, boys. We know it defines a lot of you, but for women, a flat stomach is way sexier. The good news is, when a woman is admiring your flat stomach (that goes hand in hand with a guy who’s not sitting around drinking beer or playing too many video games), she’ll want to dip her hand along its concave edges, and that very well might lead to…well, you know.

2. Slimness

10 male features women like best


Men thought women would place muscular arms at number 2 – yet, that feature didn’t even make the top ten. Although strong arms are traditionally a sign of an alpha male, times are changing and men are under ever-more pressure to stay thin. Indeed, these days the movie stars women want are usually the slim ones. It’s not the Arnold Schwarzeneggers or the Jean-Claude Van Dammes girls pine for. It’s the Ryan Goslings, the Matthew McConaugheys, and the Johnny Depps. So maybe it’s a generational thing, but arms are out and thin is in.

1. Buttocks

10 male features women like best


Now the naivete displayed by men at number 8 is clear. We women like a good, firm behind as much as you guys do. Some of you like a small butt on a woman, and some women like a cute, small butt on men, too. Size varies by preference, and doesn’t seem to matter as much as shape. Yes, shape is pretty important; it’s got to have that curve. When you hear a group of cougars laughing and joking around about some young guy’s cute butt? They might be laughing, but with the behind at women’s number 1 favourite male feature, a good bum has some serious pulling power!


This article originally appeared on TheRichest.Com.



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IN PHOTOS: 8 super ways to turn a good kisser

ways to turn a good kisser


A good kiss can lead to better and hotter things as they progress. To be a sensational kisser, you have to be in control.

Gently and softly: Suppose you and your partner have just started kissing and you are about to shift your gears to a deeper kiss, then you should gently start to take the lead by placing your hands on either side of her face and guiding your lips in. When you cup her face in your palms during the kiss, you control the amount of pressure of your mouth on her and she also feels the warmth of your hand on her skin. 

ways to turn a good kisser


Be vocal: You should be at least a little vocal during your lovemaking and post lovemaking about how kissing her turns you on. You should let her know that she has an exciting effect on you and her breath makes you all the more crazy for her. It is important to not only tell your girl how gorgeous she is, but also that she is great kisser. Women also do have egos and flattery hurt no one. 


ways to turn a good kisser


Your mind matters: Strive to give the right pressure of your lips on hers. You do not have to have luscious lips, you do not have to be Mr. Macho and you do not have to have a flat stomach and cute butt. These are not qualifications to be a good kisser. What is needed is the interest to make your woman feel nice. Your mind is the biggest sex organ and your lips are the twin warriors in the game of love and lust.

ways to turn a good kisser


Practice: Practice makes you perfect. To incorporate new kissing techniques, you can look in a mirror and watch yourself kiss your arm or hand. Imagine how the heat of her lips will feel on yours, how arousing her breath will be, how sweet her saliva will taste and try to imagine every texture and aspect of her lips. This may sound silly but when you are totally in it and concentrate on the sensation, you will get more confidence and flow during the actual kiss.

ways to turn a good kisser


Be romantic: A woman’s body is the free range of sensitive zones, which are kiss worthy. You can kiss her earlobe or graze your lips behind her ears. You can softly place your lips on the tip of her nose and give her a cute kiss. The kiss, which you can lay on the back of her neck, can be really romantic to her. 


ways to turn a good kisser


Don’t hurt her: You make sure that in deep kissing (French kissing), you do not cause hurt her. She should not pass out by the force of your kisses. You should tilt to your head to one side while kissing so that her nose is not blocked

ways to turn a good kisser

Maintain good breath: A good kisser is recognized for his sexy breath. Stay away from odorous food like onions, garlic, fish etc when you know you will kiss her. Make sure that you brush your teeth or floss before going out on a date with her. If you have to eat a meal with her, see that you have a mint with you that you can pop in after you have finished eating.

ways to turn a good kisser


Tongue magic: An exceptional kisser is skilled at French kissing. He is confident that the magic of his tongue can do to amazing things to any woman. As an exceptional kisser, try and keep her guessing about your moves. Kiss her a little, look at her eyes and stroke her face or hair. Then go for a lip-lock again as you caress her sweet spots. Leave her lips and look at her with wanton lust or desire. You will see the same sort of magnetism in her eyes because she has been left high and dry for a moment.


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Women: 8 Easy Ways To Prevent Your Husbands From Cheating


signs she's cheating on you

What every couple must know is that marriage is far from the regular boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, in fact there is a vast difference. The moment you marry, it will never be the same as when you were dating, a lot of things change including sex. This is where the woman needs to be careful because these changes can cause the man to cheat and it’s not because he doesn’t love you, it’s because of some little things that women do that causes it.

Many women actually think, the moment you marry, that’s it, the battle has ended, in fact the battle has just begun and all the things you used to do that made him marry you must be doubled. You should be able to do twice what you used to do and not relaxed on your oars, because there is a lot of competition out there and it will surprise you to know, there a lot of women out there who prefer married men.


So if you do not want him to cheat, these are some of the things you need to look at to prevent him from cheating and they are also the main reasons why he will cheat if they are not well addressed.It is healthy to argue in relationships, in fact it strengthens it. Usually it is not the arguments that ruin relationships, it’s how it is done that ruins it. Your arguments should be debatable and not heated or fierce. If he is angry and he’s complaining about something, never interrupt because you feel your right is being abused, that wouldn’t solve it. Be mute and pay attention to the words and make notes (and when I say notes, it doesn’t mean you should grab a pen and paper), and then use it to buttress your point when he’s done with his points. Retorting all the time infuriates him and the more you do it, you know what happens? He confides in another women to find out if that’s how all other women behave and before you know, he warms up to her.

Make sure there’s always a solution at the end of the argument, he shouldn’t end it in anger and walk out or else he will find someone to soothe his anger.

There are many times men ended up cheating not because they wanted to but because they were forced to. Learn to make your arguments healthy to prevent him from seeking solace elsewhere.Many women in relationships before marriage are very adventurous and will do anything to make him happy but the moment a wedlock sets in, that ends it, everything runs out the window. Sometimes the man has to even beg for sex, it will surprise you to know that married men don’t get enough sex compared to unmarried men and 90% of men who never thought of cheating during courtship will have thoughts or wish to cheat in a year or two of their marriage, all because of lack of sex. It’s true, marriage comes with a lot of responsibilities but that shouldn’t take the bliss away. In fact, you need to frustrate him with sex and don’t make him ask for it at all. Men love it when they feel women can’t do without them in terms of sex and so when you pressure him with sex, you become like an idol to him. He thinks about you all the time anywhere he goes.

There’s also one thing you need to take note of, every man gets in the mood to have sex every 72 hours. These means that, right after emptying his balls, he has 3 days to fill it up again and so if you keep going for it, he wouldn’t even have the balls to look at another woman. But if you leave him to wallow in his ‘fullness’ for a month or if you decide you will let him have it monthly, then you’re asking for your doom. Because if a man don’t get it for a month, trust me he will start looking elsewhere and he wouldn’t mind approaching the first woman he sees on the street.



Learn to put more spice in your love making, make it feel like it means everything to you and not like you giving in because he’s your husband or he wants it, not you, remember it takes two to tango.


One of the worst turnoff for men is to complain during sex. Complaining during sex such as, “My head is aching”, “it hurts down there”, “My feet hurts”, “it’s painful”, etc. puts men off. In every sex act, there would surely be some uncomfortable sex positions and so if you find yourself in such a position, it will be wise to suggest a different position or take charge of the situation than blurting out how you feel outright, the man usually feels you’re not interested and that you just doing it to satisfy him and not for both of you. When that happens, it will not feel like a husband and wife copulation to him, it will just be like him going for a prostitute because with that it’s just a service, no affection and love. If you really want to prevent him from cheating, let the sex be passionate and affectionate.

If you should find yourself in an uncomfortable position, it’s wise to suggest a different position smartly. Example, if you’re in the doggy position and you feel your knees are hurting, you don’t openly or bluntly say, “I’m tired” or “My knee hurts”, it puts him off and he start getting ideas. Don’t make him even notice it, just say, “Honey! I really want to ride you” or “Sweety, I really wish to cuddle and look at your lovely face, so come on top”, with this statements, you’ve suggested two different positions without him even knowing what’s really happening down there. But when you keep being blatant about it, he might feel you don’t want it and you doing it to just satisfy him.

You must also learn a lot of new things to spice up the sex, in fact you must always be ahead of the game. As a wife you must also think like a prostitute, there is no disrespect in this, thinking like a prostitute makes you more marketable to him and when you think like that, you know you’re rendering a service and getting paid for it. When he gets out there, he will not find none like you. Know his fantasies and use them, be ready to satisfy all his fantasies. No draw backs at all.


Often without realizing it, when we get into marriage we attempt to control the other person to do what works best for us. We engage in destructive relationship habits such as complaining, blaming, criticizing, nagging, threatening, punishing and bribing or rewarding to control.


When you do these things, you are sending a signal, there are better ones out there, he should try them and before you know it, he’s being consoled by another woman.

When a man gets to a peak he finds he’s not free, he will seek his freedom elsewhere and it will surprise you to know, women who date married men are so special to them than the wives because they know they are not theirs and can lose them at any time and so they do anything in their means to make them feel they are so special. All they trying to do is to keep their mind away from their competitor. You shouldn’t let that happen at all in the first place.




Unnecessary jealousy can make a man cheat outright. What men hate is when they being faithful and you telling them they are not, then they will be unfaithful just to be okay with the accusation.


Going through his phone, checking up on him, reading his messages, secretly spying on him are all not necessary. What you need to do are some of the points I mentioned earlier. If you’re not doing any of them, then there’s nothing you can do to prevent him from cheating. Men feel happy when their wives are accommodating and not the other way round.

You should let him feel comfortable when he’s always around, but if you let him feel insecure due to your jealousy, he will start staying out late.




Sometimes when women “get” the guy and get married, they begin to get a false sense of security. Remember, all relationships are voluntary. A person can leave at any time. With an over 50% divorce rate in this country, we need to remember how important it is to maintain a positive relationship, not simply to acquire one.

Making him feel appreciated is one thing that will keep him home always. Let him be your number one, such that when he’s out, he will be eager to always rush home to his wife.




It’s true, he’s your husband, but not your slave and so learn to respect his space and also allow him to have some fun with his friends. Don’t camp him like your maidservant or else the moment he feels imprisoned, he will start seeking for ways to free himself and cheating is the best way out. And when I say, camp him, it’s not when you lock him up in a room only that means camping him. Calling every 5 minutes to know where he is, accusing him of going somewhere else when you know he went to work etc. are all part of camping him, he doesn’t necessarily have to be home to be camped.

Some men cheat because they begin to feel hemmed in by the relationship. Engaging in an affair can provide them the sense of freedom they lose in a relationship. Allow your man time for himself without you. Don’t try to monopolize all your guy’s time. Be open to time apart for him to spend with friends, pursue hobbies, etc. so he does not feel he has no freedom.


show nigerian love



Often, when a man cheats, you will find the woman is also having an “affair” that’s not sexual. It’s more socially appropriate. This “affair” takes the form of prioritizing something, anything, over the relationship. This could be a job, children, a sick relative, a charity or anything that puts her man lower on her totem pole than the first position.



7 Reasons Why Ghanaian Men Prefer Foreign Women

Image This is an African thing, African men, prefer to marry either white women or African women who don’t live in Ghana or have spent most of their lives outside Ghana. I guess nobody is content with what they have, even in Hollywood, many famous black guys like Seal, Kanye West and more have fallen for white women or indulged in interracial relationships.


In Ghana, it’s no different, it is almost every Ghanaian man’s dream to either get with a foreign woman or settle with one, mostly Ghanaian women who have stayed abroad for long. It’s almost as if, being a foreigner or having a foreign background is HOT cake. There could be several reasons why Ghanaian men go for foreign women but here are the top seven reasons based on our analysis. Let’s walk Image


99% of Ghanaian women don’t even know the meaning of PDA (Public Display Of Affection). Thanks to the American movies we watch, Ghanaian men believe that Ghanaian women don’t know how to express their love to their husbands especially at public places, in bed and places that love is supposed to flow.





Light skinned or half-caste kids are treated special in Ghana, recent news report had it that even Ghanaian couples are paying to have half-caste kids . It is almost every Ghanaian man’s dream to have light skinned babies. That is what some of the Ghanaian men told us.



Of course, there is nothing greater than having your wife doing you “good” in bed, we are made to believe that foreign women are usually freaks in bed and they want more of our mandingo’s and we are willing to give them. Some Ghanaian men told us that and they base it on the interracial porn that they watch. Ghanaian women on the other hand are dull in bed, makes excuses or fail to make sexual intercourse enticing.



Except for Hollywood, the typical foreign woman care less about what you have or make, what you have is a bonus, usually they are helpful, in terms of staying by you through thick and thin and helping you make it. Some Ghanaian men we interviewed also said that, with white people, being AMBITIOUS and having a dream is good enough for them to be with you, with Ghanaian women, go and make it, then they might consider thinking about your proposal (no hard feelings and definitely, no dabi dabi a ebey3 yie).



As we were told, Ghanaian women prefer to marry rich men or men who are alright (financially), white people want to be part of your life, help you grow and grow with you (financially). Ghanaian women only want to drain you, put their burdens on you and that of their families, they are demanding and less understanding, neither do they want to contribute to your success, only a few cases.



Before two people marry, they must be in love, be best friends, know each other best and more, but when you come to Ghana, it’s a different case all together, women/girls marry for many vague reasons like “all her age-mates are married”, “the guy is rich”, “the guy is abroad”, “he comes from a rich background”, “he’s a royal” and more. As you can see, there is no love here, many believe that after they get married, there will be love.

Note: By foreign, I mean white people and Ghanaians who stay abroad or have stayed abroad before.

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Shocking Facts About the Human Body

#1 50% of women contain a 4th color receptor in their eyes in addition to the normal 3, and can thus distinguish between more colors

As an example of how this works, where most of us may look at a rainbow and see seven colors, a lucky lady with that fourth receptor will actually be able to make out 10. An even smaller number of women end up with 5 color receptors!

Shocking Facts About the Human Body

#2 Humans are the only mammal that cannot swallow and breathe at the same time

You just tried to do it, didn’t you? The reason for this is that humans‘ voice boxes are unusually low in their throats compared to other animals. In turn, this allows our voices to resonate much more, which allows for us to produce such a wide variety of sounds!

Shocking Facts About the Human Body

#3 It can take 4-15 months for your blood vessels to fully recover from a sunburn

Don’t go outside without sunscreen! You’ve probably heard people tell you this all your life, but this is just another reason you should really listen to them. Your body might still be recovering from that bad burn you got last summer when next summer rolls around!

Shocking Facts About the Human Body

#4 Feet have more than 500,000 sweat glands and can produce more than a pint of sweat per day

Ever wondered why old socks smell so much worse than any of your other sweaty clothes? Just remember to scrub your feet extra well next time you take a shower, alright?

Shocking Facts About the Human Body

#5 Part of the reason you can’t open your eyes when you sneeze is because sneezes regularly exceed 100 mph

It’s like every time you sneeze, you’re shooting an MLB-quality fastball out of your mouth! Also, this is where we make the customary request for you to PLEASE not try to open your eyes while sneezing.

Shocking Facts About the Human Body



#6 Heart attacks are most likely to happen on a Monday

This fact brought to you by a 10-year study in Scotland, finding that 20% of all heart attacks happen on Mondays. It could be due to drinking, or the unhappiness of going back to work, or the stress of going back to work. In any case, always make sure your lifestyle is healthy for you!

Shocking Facts About the Human Body

#7 Every pound of fat you gain causes your body to make 7 new miles of blood vessels

If you’ve ever wondered why obesity and heart disease are connected, now you know at least one of the reasons. Just another thing to motivate all of us to eat healthy!

Shocking Facts About the Human Body




#8 The average person in America/Europe eats 50 tons of food and drinks 11,000 gallons of liquid during their lives

To give you a clue, this essentially means that humans eat the equivalent of one humpback whale worth of food during the course of their lives. Which does not mean you should go hunting whales in the hopes of having a lifetime supply of food. Pretty sure the whale will go bad before too long.

Shocking Facts About the Human Body


#9 The acid in your stomach is strong enough to dissolve razor blades

Think of how tough the lining of your stomach must be, then! Note: We do not encourage anyone reading this to try swallowing razor blades, and in fact would request that you avoid doing so.

Shocking Facts About the Human Body

#10 If you could stretch out all of a human’s blood vessels, they would circle the world twice

That comes out to 60,000 miles, just so you know! Though why anyone would ever actually want to do something like this is beyond us. It’s just creepy.

#11 The surface area of a human lung is equal to that of a tennis court

Why is this? In order to more efficiently oxygenate the blood, the lung’s surface area needs to be maximized so that it can accommodate as many blood vessels as possible. Must be wrapped pretty tight in there!

Shocking Facts About the Human Body



#12 Humans shed about 600,000 skin particles per hour

It doesn’t matter how well-moisturized your skin is, your skin is constantly dying off and regenerating itself. It’s a normal part of keeping you alive, so don’t worry!

Shocking Facts About the Human Body

#13 Everyone has a unique scent, and family members tend to smell similar

Smells are a pretty complicated and nuanced thing, as they can be decided by a mix of genetics, hygiene, and diet, among other variables. In case you’re wondering, yes; identical twins tend to smell almost identical to one another as well!

Shocking Facts About the Human Body

#14 The human brain can hold 5 times as much information as the Encyclopedia Britannica

The current estimate for memory capacity comes out to somewhere between 5 and 1000 terabytes of storage, which is absolutely incredible. Next time you complain that you don’t have any more space in your brain while studying, remember this fact!

Shocking Facts About the Human Body

#15 Every year your body replaces 98% of your atoms

Just think about this one while looking at yourself in the mirror every morning! You might look the same and feel the same, but on a molecular level you are almost a completely different person than you were a year ago!

Shocking Facts About the Human Body