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The Ghanaian social media space has erupted in fury over a photo that some Ghanaians say depicts misconduct on the part of a pastor. The photo which has been trending wildly on social media appears to show a pastor removing the undies of a church member in an apparent deliverance session.

The photo drew swift condemnation from social media, with many Ghanaians describing it out as the type of conduct that gives Christianity a bad name. Social media users blasted the pastor as one of the false prophets Jesus spoke of in the Bible.

More Photos of this Pastor has erupted and it seems he did more things with the same lady , by shaving her ampit



Our question is do we have laws in Ghana?


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Interesting: Zimbabwean Man Mourns Chicken, Holds Funeral Service For It

I personally love animals and always get upset one they are treated badly. But I don’t think that affection is so intense to extent of holding a funeral for them when they die just like this man from Zimbabwe did.

According to the story we gathered from H-Metro, a 38-year-old year old man identified as Philemon Murefu reportedly conducted a funeral service for his chicken which he had been keeping as a pet. Not just that. He dresses up his dogs as well as walking with his chickens on his shoulders.

Interesting: Zimbabwean Man Mourns Chicken, Holds Funeral Service For It

He caused quite a stir in his neighborhood Two weeks ago, when he invited friends and relatives for a funeral service to mourn his bird.

Below is an excerpt of the interview with H-Metro:

“When I was a young boy, my mother had so much passion for animals so I was raised in an environment where they were so many domesticated animals.

Interesting: Zimbabwean Man Mourns Chicken, Holds Funeral Service For It

“I am really affected whenever an animal which I would have kept dies, the same feeling I get when losing a loved one is the same when any of my pets dies.

“I shed tears when one of my chickens dies, the bird was a special bed to me because for the two years I had stayed with it was friendly and loving to me.

“It died when I was not at home and I was informed about the death over the phone and I told them not to bury it because I wanted to give it a befitting send off,” said Philemon.

He said that though some of his neighbours and relatives despised him for mourning the bird he did not stop doing what he thought was right.

“I got so many insults from people close to me especially some of my relatives and friends they were accusing me of doing something that was taboo but they did not understand the bond I had with Beauty.

Interesting: Zimbabwean Man Mourns Chicken, Holds Funeral Service For It

“When I came back home I mourned my friend and I buried it at the corner of the house, I invited friends and those who were willing to me came and we mourned my bird and everything went well.

“I am now looking forward to put a tombstone at the grave, what I did was temporary but I am hoping to raise money soon and do a proper thing,” he said.

Apart from the love he had for chickens, Philemon is also known for dressing two dogs with expensive clothes.

Interesting: Zimbabwean Man Mourns Chicken, Holds Funeral Service For It

“I have two dogs namely Bush and Masket and one of the things I do every month is I set aside a budget of US$5 per dog which will be meant to buy clothes.

“I don’t treat my dogs like what I see most people in Mabvuku doing, I treat them as my own children that’s why I buy them clothes.

“They both have a wardrobe full of clothes that most people don’t have, I buy these clothes from local boutiques as well as from vendors.”

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Man demands his bride price after he found out his wife is not a virgin

Manyeva Dlamini has taken the family of his ex-wife, Ruth Thembisile Sibiya, to court to have his cattle back. Dlamini contends that Sibiya lied about being a virgin.

A man in Swaziland has demanded from his in-laws his 24-cow bride price back after reportedly discovering that his wife was not a virgin at the time they got married.

However, Sibiya denies ever making such a claim. She also insists that Dlamini knew that she was not a virgin and that she was already three months pregnant on their wedding day. Court papers reportedly indicate that Dlamini, who is a teacher, began his relationship with Sibiya while she was still his student in high school.

She said:

“After I completed school in 1995, Dlamini, who was far older than me, insisted that we get married but I refused to marry him since I wanted to pursue my studies.” She also states that she met and fell in love with a man named Themba Thwala in 1998 prior to marrying Dlamini.

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Ewe Girls Are Super Hot, Romantic And Marriage Materials – Research

Arguably, the whole Ghana ebi Ewe girls dem dey bee waa! It’s almost like they were some angels that were thrown from the heavens. If you are looking for the real definition of beauty, then you should visit the Volta Region, the harbor of all beautiful girls in the country. Ewe girls are not only just beautiful, but there are certain things about them that, makes dating them exciting.

Image result for pictures of ewe girls in ghana

We share with you 7 reasons why you should date a Ewe girl. It’s what we feel, if you do not agree with us, feel free and share your thought on the article, we would be reading comments.

1. Ewe Girls Are Marriage Materials

Want to get married but don’t know which tribe to settle with? Look no further, the Ewe girls are marriage materials and have always been good wives if you check the statistics. Because of how they are usually brought up, they are very submissive to their husbands and show great respect to the man they love. Which man wouldn’t want to marry a submissive woman who won’t be quarreling with him all the time huh? So, get started by looking for an Ewe girl to date today.

Image result for pictures of ewe girls in ghana

2. They Have Such Great Body Shapes.

It’s almost like when God was creating the Ewe girls, he had an abundance of sand around and had had a filled day, so he took special time in creating them. Ewe girls are well-endowed and have such great shapes. Most of them have this curved body, that drives one crazy each time your eyes spot them.  Who doesn’t want a woman with a beautiful shape and properly endowed in the appropriate regions.  Want someone you can flaunt to your friends, it’s about time you date an Ewe girl bro!

Image result for pictures of ewe girls in ghana

3. Beautiful Skin color making them soo attractive

I love fair girls! Infact what I hate kraa is to spot a fair beautiful girl and I know for a fact that when it comes to girls with very smooth, fair and natural skin, the Ewes have it chale! You know there is a saying that, if you marry a fair lady and there’s dumsro kraa, you can still spot her in the darkness, well, the person who propounded that statement, was married to an Ewe girl… Correct point bro. So if you are looking for a girl with a nice and natural fair color, look no further else, you would end with a bleaching ambassador.

4. Well Cultured

This is a fact, no need to argue. Ewe girls have great manners and are well cultured. Thanks to their great, great, great ancestors instilled such discipline in them, that is carried on generations through generations. Ewe mothers ensure that, their daughter are well mannered so they don’t go and misbehave in their husband’s homes when they marry because it was even a taboo for you to get into a fight with your husband and pack your stuff home that you won’t marry again. You dare not kraa, so Ewe girls are humble, they know how to take care of a home. Bro, date and marry an Ewe girl today.

Image result for pictures of ewe girls in ghana

5.They Love To Satisfy Their Boyfriends/Husbands In The Bedroom

One of the things that binds a relationship is great sekz and when it comes to good sekz, the Ewes are also very good (although the Krobos are number 1 when it comes to bedroom tactics… An Ewe girl does not like to just have sekz with you but actually make love to you. When she’s in love with you, she loves to give you her mind, body and soul and would give you that satisfaction you need in the bedroom. Even after your rounds, she would politely ask you, if you are satisfied or you want more… Eeei, breda, you won’t date an Ewe girl today? Look sharp

Image result for pictures of ewe girls in ghana

6. Chale, They Are Masters When It Comes To Cooking

They say a way to a man’s heart is true his stomach and the Ewes are probably the ones who coined that phrase. When it comes to cooking, they are very good at it. Everyone can cook, but as to whether it will be delicious is another thing but trust an Ewe lady to win you over with just one meal. Want to bet? Ask a correct ewe lady to prepare some Banku and Okro strew for you or Akple and Fetriditsi…. you go clap….. Date an Ewe girl today!

7. They Are Very Neat—-Chale Everywhere.

Yes who wants to date a woman who can’t keep the home clean, or her vajajay neat all the time? Want a woman who is neat, on the outside and down there, and can keep your home neat and clean all the time? Say no more bro, I said say no more–Date an Ewe girl today.

Image result for pictures of ewe girls in ghana


Ewe girls are sweet, loving and beautiful and most guys take advantage of their wickedness and betray their love. Ewe girls are very soft and so when they are dating, they easily fall in love and give their all, so boys mostly break their hearts but if your intention is to date her, chop her and dump her, my brother, be very careful, her cries fi torment you …

Operation date an Ewe girl today, if you can’t find one, hala at me, I will link you up sharp!


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Shatta Mitchy Slaps Shatta Wale; Attacks Him With A Knife

Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale has disclosed that his baby mama, Shatta Mitchy slapped him.

The Dancehall King who seems to have been quiet about the the various happenings in his relationship indicated that Shatta Mitchy has fabricated lies severally to make him look bad.

But to him, the world is aware of his good heart.

Shatta Wale indicated that he serves a living God who is not ready to let him down because he believes in him and has a bigger and better plan for his life.

Shatta Wale who made this known through his social media handles said “One of my biggest mistake in Life Is believing people will show me the same love I have shown them.You always cut yourself either with blade or burn urself or sometimes break bottles and glasses to still hurt yourself for the outside world to believe it cuz of the way of life I live in the industry.So people will say and I quote :Abi shatta dierrr the way Ibe basabasa he go fit do am ” my God I worship does not sleep for people like you to tarnish his image…He has never made me lost a battle..The empire is my witness on how I have kept this in me for so long..Woman kakai eeeeiii abeg come back again with better lies CUZ TODAY YOU SLAPPED ME INFRONT OF YOUR OWN MOTHER HOLDING A KNIFE TOO… What a wow !!!! Clap for yourself ..Julio bone etc are my witnesses ..Good night Ghana”

But responding to the claims by Shatta Wale, Shatta Mitchy indicated that Shatta Wale is a hypocrite who maltreats her and come on social media to act all Godly and seek for public sympathy.

She also posted “The world is full of hypocrites. They hurt u and later come seek internet sympathy. The world knows what a good woman looks like. Unfortunately, & ungratefully , you don’t. Thanks for the bump on my head”.

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Cristiano Ronaldo is Better Than Messi In These 4 Areas

Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo and the star of FC Barcelona are arguably the best players in the world and the biggest rivals. Often compared, the two stars remain a topic of discussion among fans of football. Here are four areas in which Ronaldo outperforms Messi.

Most followed on social networks

The Portuguese is the most watched star on social networks. Ronaldo has more than 117 million subscribers on Facebook and more than 47 million on Twitter.


Ronaldo and Messi are very charitable people, but the Portuguese has the upper hand over Messi. His support for the victims of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami was greeted with respect. The Portuguese is very involved with various charities. The Spanish daily Marca reveals that the captain of the Seleçao has recently made a significant donation to the Make-A-Wish association. Cristiano Ronaldo has, according to Marca, donated a very particular object: his Ballon d’Or 2013. The businessman Idan Ofer, the richest Israeli in the world, has acquired for 600,000 euros.

The Ronaldo Museum

CR7 has a large museum in his country which is a tourist center. It is equipped with nearly 140 trophies, medals, and signed shirts.


Unlike the Argentine, Cristiano Ronaldo has a dream body. The former Manchester United player makes us admire his body every time he scores an incredible goal. “CR7” is working on its impressive musculature. “I teach my two sons that talent, hard work and dedication are the only way to become number one,” writes the Portuguese in caption on one of his Instagram posts.

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Banyankole: The Tribe in Uganda Which Allows Bride’s Aunt to Sleep With Groom Before Marriage

Africa is one of the continents of the world with diverse traditions. Earlier today we reported about how some African countries prepare their women for marriage. However, there is one tribe in Uganda whose way of preparing its women for marriage differs completely from other African tribes.

The question now is ‘How much influence should aunties have on their nieces? In many African cultures, aunties provide counselling to their young nieces as they age from adolescence to adulthood. When it comes to marriage, these aunties prepare their nieces for the challenges that lie ahead.

But for the Banyankole people in Southwestern Uganda, the aunt does more than the above, especially during the marriage.

When a couple wants to get married, the primary responsibility of the bride’s aunt is to carry out a sexual check on both her niece and her nephew-in-law. Essentially, the aunt does this by having sex with the groom to check his potency and virility.

She also has to “test” if the bride is still a virgin before they are allowed to consummate their marriage.

In other traditions, the aunt is said to go as far as listening in or watching as the bride and groom have sex in order to prove the couple’s potency.

Inasmuch as this practice may sound weird, it shows how the people of Banyankole hold virginity in high esteem.

As soon as a Banyankole girl is eight, she goes through a lot of restrictions to prepare her for marriage.

When other children her age in other cultures are out having fun and playing, a girl in this part of Uganda is mostly kept indoors, where she is fed beef and millet porridge and forced to drink milk in large quantities so that she becomes fat.

Being fat is synonymous with beauty among the Banyankoles.

When she starts developing breasts, she is also asked by her parents to abstain from sexual activities.

It is the duty of a Banyankole father to find a wife for his son as he pays the bridewealth as well. This consists of some cows, goats and pots of beer, depending on how rich a person is.

Once the bride price is paid, the marriage preparations begin. On the wedding day, there is a lot of feasting at the bride’s home, where the father is expected to slaughter a bull.

At the bridegroom’s home, there is another feast where the marriage is consummated. This is after the bride’s aunt has “tested” her niece’s purity and slept with the groom to also check his potency.