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White House releases salary info for Trump’s aides

Donald Trump’s White House is stocked with 25 staffers who hold the title of “assistant to the president,” according to a disclosure released Friday, which also revealed that nearly two dozen aides all earn an annual salary of roughly $180,000.

The White House posted the salaries of its executive office staff in a 16-page document detailing the earnings of nearly 400 individuals — 18 are “detailees,” a distinction for people who were pulled from other agencies or organizations to temporarily serve in a White House role. The document was also shared with Congress, an annual requirement of administrations since 1995.

The president’s core West Wing staff dominate the top tier of earners, with the Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, chief strategist and senior counselor Steve Bannon, press secretary Sean Spicer, counselor Kellyanne Conway, spokeswoman Hope Hicks and social media director Dan Scavino all earning $179,700.

The West Wing has always been a competitive place, but Trump’s White House has been especially intense as aides are often forced to respond in real time to the president’s erratic tweets and frequently compete for the president’s ear. Trump’s communications shop has also struggled to contain the sprawling Russia investigations examining possible collusion between Moscow and the Trump campaign.

His top communications aides are joined by senior policy adviser Stephen Miller, legislative affairs director Marc Short, counsel Don McGahn and communications director for the Office of Public Liaison Omarosa Manigault, who make the same salary of $179,700.

Deputy White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Oval Office operations director Keith Schiller earn $165,000. Other notable staff salaries include strategist Sebastian Gorka ($155,000), first lady Melania Trump communications director Stephanie Grisham ($115,000) and National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn ($30,000).

Cohn told POLITICO his $30,000 salary was to cover the cost of health insurance.

Only three staffers — first daughter and adviser Ivanka Trump, son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner and intergovernmental and technology aide Reed Cordish — take home no pay from taxpayers, according to the disclosure.

Kushner’s personal assistant, Avi Berkowitz, is paid $115,000 — more than any other assistant in the White House. By comparison, Bannon’s assistant’s salary is $40,000.

The Trump White House’s inaugural salary disclosures also show that it has nearly 100 fewer staffers than President Barack Obama had in 2016. Obama’s White House had 473 aides, with 19 assistants to the president.

Nine Obama aides earned top salaries of $176,461, and only one staffer, consultant Susan Davies, went unpaid. And Obama’s body man, Brian Mosteller, took home $60,000 less than Trump’s long-serving bodyguard, Keith Schiller.

Here are the salaries of some of the top officials in the current White House:

Reince Priebus, chief of staff, assistant to the president — $179,700

Steve Bannon, chief strategist, assistant to the president — $179,700

Kellyanne Conway, senior counselor to the president, assistant to the president — $179,700

Sean Spicer, press secretary, assistant to the president — $179,700

Hope Hicks, director of strategic communications, assistant to the president — $179,700

Dan Scavino, director of social media, assistant to the president — $179,700

Stephen Miller, senior policy adviser, assistant to the president — $179,700

Marc Short, director of the Office of Legislative Affairs, assistant to the president — $179,700

Retired Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg, executive secretary and chief of staff for the National Security Council, assistant to the president — $179,700

Andrew Bremberg, director of the Domestic Policy Council, assistant to the president — $179,700

Rick Dearborn, deputy chief of staff for legislative, Cabinet, intergovernmental affairs and implementation, assistant to the president — $179,700

Omarosa Manigault, director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison, assistant to the president — $179,700.00

Don McGahn, counsel to the president, assistant to the president — $179,700

Tom Bossert, assistant to the president for homeland security and counterterrorism — $179,700

Dina Powell, deputy national security adviser for strategy, assistant to the president — $179,700

Lindsay Reynolds, chief of staff to the first lady, assistant to the president — $179,700

Jason Greenblatt, special representative for international negotiations, assistant to the president — $179,700

Sarah Sanders, principal deputy press secretary, deputy assistant to the president — $165,000

Keith Schiller, director of Oval Office operations, deputy assistant to the president — $165,000.00

Peter Navarro, director of trade and manufacturing policy, deputy assistant to the president — $165,000

George Gigicos, director of presidential advance, deputy assistant to the president — $165,000

Sebastian Gorka, strategist, deputy assistant to the president — $155,000

Stephanie Grisham, director of communications for the first lady, special assistant to the president — $115,000.00

Lindsay Walters, deputy press secretary and adviser to the press secretary, special assistant to the president — $115,000

Gary Cohn, director of the National Economic Council, assistant to the president — $30,000

Ivanka Trump, adviser to the president — $0

Jared Kushner, senior adviser, assistant to the president — $0

Reed Cordish, assistant to the president for intergovernmental and technology initiatives — $0

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Uganda bans female civil servants from wearing cleavage revealing cloths

Public servants in Uganda are facing a strict dress code after the government issued a circular warning them to “dress decently”. Female staff have been told not to show any cleavage, wear brightly coloured nails, braids or hair extensions, sleeveless or transparent blouses.

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Men must wear long-sleeved shirts, jackets and ties, while trousers should not be tight-fitting. Staff failing to comply will be disciplined. The guidelines, issued by the Ministry of Public Service apply to all non-uniformed civil servants. But there is a feeling that female staff are the main focus on the new rules.

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While women will be allowed to wear pant-suits, they have been warned not to wear any tight-fitting clothing. Dresses and skirts must at least be knee-length. Uganda is a conservative society and women have previously complained of being harassed if they wear mini-skirts in public.

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The Ministry of Public Service’s director of Human Resources, Adah Muwanga, said they had to act after receiving complaints: “We were approached with complaints that, specifically lady officers, were dressing in an unacceptable manner, with mini-skirts and showing body parts which otherwise generally should be covered in Ugandan society,” she told the BBC.

Image result for cleavage revealing clothing

She said the ministry has overall responsibility to guide on the administration and management of the public service and “this is how we want the public to view us”. The circular further states that accessories should be modest, while long fingernails of more than 3cms (1.5in) with bright or multi-coloured nail polish are also not permitted.

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Flat, open shoes are ruled out, except in cases where one can prove that it is for medical reasons. Men have been told they should keep their hair short and neat, and not wear brightly coloured clothes. The circular is derived from Public Service Standing Orders on dress code, put in place in 2010.

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However, the BBC’s Patience Atuhaire in Kampala says the dress code does not seem to have been paid much attention to up to now. Mrs Muwanga said that staff who failed to comply with the new enforcements would be cautioned at first, and repeat offenders would face disciplinary action.

However she added “there is always room for review”.

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‘Efiewura’ Star Did Not Marry But Gave Birth To Six Kids With Different Women” – Brother

Brother of the late Kofi Agyiri, an actor in the popular ‘Efiewura’ series which airs on TV 3 has said his brother acted his womanising behaviour in the series that got Ghanaians glued to their TV sets.

According to him, his brother has six children with six different women and for that reason, he could play his role very well because, in real life, he is able to date several women.

He, however, mentioned that although his brother was a womaniser, he was a very responsible gentleman who worked tirelessly to take care of his six children and their mothers.

Ghanaian actor Kofi Agyiri of EFIEWURA fame is dead

“Surprisingly, my brother never married! He gave birth to six (6) kids with different women accordingly. More importantly, the late Kofi did his possible best to take good care of the kids as well as his baby mamas. It’ll interest you to know that his ‘womanising’ character as exhibited in Efriewura is a fair representation of his real human behaviour.”

Kofi Agyiri died on Friday after years of battling kidney failure.

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Kennedy Agyapong who appears unstoppable in his recent attacks at some members of his own party, has vowed to bring down the New Patriotic Party (NPP), before he is disgraced.

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“If you are not careful with people who helped you or us to come to power and give them this reward…… there is this boy called Siriboe whose father is a council of state member. How much did his father pay? You are there undermining him….NPP boy. I mean those NPP people who have vowed to collapse my business saying they will bring me down…If they joke the things I will say In Ghana……the way we won the elections. We did not win the elections on fair grounds. I am warning them for the last time. If they say they will bring me down, I will be the first to bring the NPP down before I am disgraced”, he revealed on Oman Fm, his own radio station.

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According to him, he is among those who want the betterment of the party for fear that when the NDC returns to power it will spell his doom.

“Those of us who have shown our faces and ready to die for the party, if care is not taken and the NDC returns to power we are finished”, he disclosed.

This is not the first time Mr Kennedy Agyapong is raising concerns about what the NDC might subject him to should luck smile on the party in 2020.

Last month, he revealed that jailing him is among three options the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) is weighing in the event it wins back power 2020.

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“My life is on the line. Why is that when Ibrahim Mahama commits a crime I should speak about it but when my own party member commits same I should be quiet”, he asked.

Commenting on recent developments in the NPP with some bigwigs scheming to bring him down with planned meetings at Alisa Hotel in Accra, he said he will not sit down while persons who did little to improve the fortunes of the party bring the current administration under Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo down.

“God has blessed me and they will all be disgraced. Whatever they are doing will fall flat because I am fighting a just course. Na true I go talk”, he explained.

“I will correct all wrongs in NPP because should NDC come into power now, they will either kill me, collapse my business or find a flimsy charge against me to be jailed”, he alleged.

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Name: Wiseman-USA
@Joey: I agree with your contribution 100%, especially the portion that says; ” There is no way you can bring NPP down YOU SIMPLY CANNOT DO IT “. This is fact as experience has shown over the course of the party’s political history.At this point of the NPP’s young administration vis-a-vis the current socio-economic and political status as bequeathed to us by the NDC government, we don’t need tough blanket talks like this. We need constructive cautions, persistent honest behind the scene talks, patience and efficient investigative systems to arrive at best conclusions.
Name: gh people
nana addo must give ghana people food , job and monies . ghana people are starving, for the past 6 months now about 99% of ghana people are poor, mahama and his ministers have looted every cedis from ghana, nana must collect the monies or ghana people and workers will collect their monies, from gh people
Name: mills
This man talk too much as if he is the only one who is rich in Ghana.You are too much, it will be wise to leave the npp party in peace

Image result for pictures of ken agyapong


Name: JGEE


Name: Joey
Mr Agyepong I am still a fan of yours. I however think you talk too much.What do you mean by we did not win the elections fairly? I strongly disagree with you. It is the NDC that was not allowed to cheat as they do always. You should have seen the mood of the people who went out to vote and you would know they were determined to get rid of this worthless Mahama thing.Trust me there is no way you can bring NPP down YOU SIMPLY CANNOT DO IT.What!If you haven’t received a contract yet you need to be patient. Are you saying all your efforts are just to get contracts Then how different are you from the hyenas in the NDC?Please stop this You are beginning to bore some of us.Remember someone lost an eye fighting for the NPP.Pipe down .You talk far too much.


Name: nhyiraba k. ofoz like ruby mahama will insult ken. if da rocha etc sacrificed, what is ken doing?, you ruby might have not even seen a dollar before and look, if this man will at the expense of his life, family, business etc go down for the party to rid, is this his reward., that sereboah whose father is the council of state chairman is warned, am disappointed the very chiefs against NPP coming to power are the very been appointed by nana., well, ken is not seeking for appointment, contracts etc but he is been frank with us all, look the wolves(NDC)are stick among us and the early we shine our eyes the better. what i hate is those errand boys and girls like you ruby mahama who enjoy from the booty of appointees are hailing threm., is it not sad that npp women are still idle and ndc women still at school feeding?, look untill there is justice even at the supreme court , we should think of impartia means., look did they not sack our women and sir john won the case at the kumasi high court , were they reinstated, so nans is so democratic that our women, young guys around should stay home for ndc guys to work,. tell nana by August if he plays that… over there, he will get the shock from us his own party people, we are tired of wait wait wait, its time from polling station executives to national executives each get something, political party is not a religion, sacrifice to be rewarded, at least gather the party guys for the isreal trip yet is open and the same ndc with money now will pay and go., tell him i am saying he must be warn, we love him but his GABBY, ASANTE BEDIATUO & SECURITY TEAM are weakening him, the grass root is not supporting him again if he doesnt know., lret someone must a survey to justify that. the very wicked people in the party like kan dapaa, owusu adomey etc are getting appointments while sam pagne a whole stronge hold secretary hasnt been appointed even to a board, so ADAMS dead a ***barred word*** death, if by august we see no change, i wish hon. ken agyapong fly to the Us and leave these ungrateful beings, even kofi kumah, kokofu etc are still not appointed WHY?
Kennedy Agyepong you are too much and the talking is too much. The bitterness in you doesn’t make you a patriotic citizen a patriotic citizen doesn’t ask for what the country can do for him,you are behaving like give and take because you helped the party you want the party to pay you back with huge contracts,you want to dictate to everyone even including the president to do what you say or you threaten with I will pull everyone down and is that how to be in a party or society? Your good works must be appreciated by all at all cost? My friend, NPP didn’t come into Ghana’s politics just yesterday? Some people sacrificed their lives and businesses because of the NPP eg B.A Mensah, Appenteng Mensah, Mr Addison, Appiah Menkah,Dr Sarfo Adu etc a whole lot of people and even the have not who were killed by ndc hoodlums all because of NPP, look at how the youth sacrificed their lives to get this party into office and you don’t think of them but your business? How old is this party in government t for you to be shuttling from asempa to your own Oman talking talking like you are the only person who sacrificed for the party? There are so many silent ones who have kept quiet for the government to be on its toes why Kennedy Agyepong,why do you think you have to bring down something you weren’t part of those who formed it? Membership of a party is by choice not force and I don’t think somebody made that choice for you so why the talking it’s too much oooo ton! Know that you can’t dictate to the party because the party is bigger than you and even not the president can do that. You are somebody I’ve vowed if even I’m dying I will never demand from you because it’s not worth it. The talking is too much, I was once your fan but not now because I can’t take the talking any more. You’ve been voted to represent your people in parliament but I don’t hear you talking there but always at asempa fm, don’t you have anywhere in parliament to express your grievance than to come on air? You are losing most of your fans to be honest with you and you making a ridicule of yourself to your enemies in both the NPP and the ndc. I don’t know if you need help because I can’t understand your actions ,you are too extreme.

Image result for pictures of ken agyapong

Name: Koliko
pls do.we can longer bear this corrupt and sub-standard government
Name: Rapacha-NYC
Honorable Ken, some of us used to love you but we are beginning to get tired of your verbal outburst.I want to tell you here and now that it is almighty Allah who brought NPP to power not any individual. Not even the president or his vice brought the party to power but Allah. We understand that you contributed towards the victory but remember you are not the only one who sacrifice for the victory. Remember someone lost his eye through the struggle to this victory. In fact, you need to tone down because you talk too much. No individual is bigger than the NPP party and that includes you and any other person like you. Honorable Ken, I put it to you that you can never bring NPP down. Remember, the party is bigger than any individual and that includes you. You help the party to victory and so all contracts should be given to you? This is not NDC party where there is no rule and law.I am expecting the party hierarchy to call you to order because it is too much already. Try to tone down or you will face sanction as any other party member. NPP promised to improved the living standard of Ghanaians and that is what we are praying to Allah to grant the president good health and wisdom to fulfill his promise to Ghanaians. Again, you cannot bring NPP down.Anyway,you still remain my hero but truth must be told no matter how bitter it is.
Name: A concerned citizen
You have only one vote to vote and how are you just a single person going to do that? Please, i will advise you to stop that bitterness which is not good for your health. If you feel you have a genuine case go to court with your evidence or keep quiet.
Name: Francis
I dare you Ken to bring the NPP down. I am so annoyed with your childish utterances. I am not a card bearing member of the elephant fraternity but trust you ken I will never vote NDC. There is nothing the likes of you will do change some of us.You talk too much and I believe the best party for you is the NDC.
Name: Doctor “Tee”
Somebody whom Kennedy respect should call him and advise him for me.An elder of a society should behave like the “Cat and not the dog” Please Ken if you know of anything that is wrong, the way you say it and where you say it all matters. I know if you tell President Nana Addo about anything wrong and it is ceditle he will take action. True is some of us are getting disappointed. Please do not get me wrong Ken, I don’t support corruption in any way and form a bit but the way and where you talk about it matters.We beg you be decorum in what and how you say things.You have told the whole world that your party did not win the election and this is very serious so ken a beg you
Name: kpodo
IF ONE MAN CAN REALLY BRING A RULING PARTY DOWN JUST LIKE THAT THEN THAT PARTY IS NOT WORTH FOLLOWING.PLS PLS MY npp ppl wat at all is this man doing to our party which was voted for massively and has a majority in parliament.cant we do away with this man ???? infact anytime this man speaks I just don’t feel comfortable as an elephant member.
Name: @ducan
you seè how ***barred word*** u are? hat make you think that npp’s more ghanaian to ndc. the man is confession how you people stole the 2016 election and you art here talking about shiiiiit. wo ye ***barred word*** paaa waiti
Name: Duncan
Honourable Ken I really appreciate all the effort you have made in the past for your party. I really think you need to tone down a bit on the way you talk on radio and tv.The people of Ghana will never forgive you if somehow you help the NDC to make a comeback in 2020. It is unthinkable that these people should come back .If you have grievances I’m sure there are sane ,reasonable people in the party who would listen to you.The strident constant talk on radio is not helpful at all. I totally disagree that the NPP did not win the last election. Ghanaians must be really s-t-upid to have gone and voted for John Mahama. They are the ones who were not allowed to cheat.I think you talk too much and you seem to be constantly on short fuse The NDC will take advantage of that and trust me this bit about NPP not winning the election will be their mantra for the next weeks on every radio station. If you in any way help the NDC come back trust me the NDC will not be your only enemies.
Name: Npp konkonsa
of the joel the things i will day in ghana!!! thé way we won the eleccions. se didn’t win the elections on the fair grounds. am warning them for the last time. if they say they will bring me down, i will bé the first to bring the down. these are kens own words. this means that idioooooot càlling himself as president stole 2016 election. Akuffo addo is evil man. if they are nen enough they should dare ken!!!!!